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Playacar is a gated, super-secure community on the south side of Playa Del Carmen that features homes of distinction, luxury condos and a hotel zone that holds some of the area’s finest all-inclusive resorts.

Playacar is designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind as there are walking paths, Mayan ruins, tennis courts, pools and more, all placed conveniently around Playacar. Intertwined throughout the middle of PC Phase II is the Playacar golf course—an 18-hole golf course that provides beautiful views for the homes in Playacar that aren’t oceanfront.


Playacar Phase I vs Playacar Phase II

PC is divided into two sections, Phase I and Phase II (in Spanish: Fase 1 and Fase 2).

Playacar Phase I

PC Phase I is located directly next to the beach and is home to larger Mayan ruins than Phase II. It’s ocean-front location and high-end homes make it an extremely popular location for Playa Del Carmen and Mexico’s elite, in addition to many foreigners looking for a high-end, luxury home-away-from-home. Many of the luxury homes in the area are used as vacation rentals, which helps owners recoup the $600,000 to multi-million-dollar investment that it takes to become a homeowner in Playacar Phase I.

Playacar Phase II

Playacar Phase II is the more popular phase due to its lower price point than Phase I. PC Phase II is a mixture of all-inclusive hotels (which take up the entire ocean front), luxury homes and high-end condos (primarily on the highway side of Playacar).


PC Phase II’s primary street is Xaman Ha, which circles the entire community. In the middle of Phase II is the Playacar golf course, which provides hundreds of homes and condos with views of their perfectly-sculpted greens.

Phase II is an extremely popular place to live in Playa Del Carmen as it is luxury living, but at a relatively affordable price point. Condos can be rented in this area for $1000+/month and can be purchased for as little as $150,000. Most condos have private 24-hour security that complements PC’s overall 24-hour security, which makes this a great location to raise a family.
This area of Playa Del Carmen doesn’t come without a cost though—life is more expensive in Playacar, including the electricity, water and taxis.



Want to Become a Resident of Playacar Phase I or Phase II?

If you want to become a resident of Playa Del Carmen’s most illustrious community—email us today for a list of available and upcoming properties.