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Villas Sacbe Opportunity – 2 Bedroom Penthouse - $359,000 USD

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3 Bedroom TurnKey Condos Great Opportunity - $159,000 USD

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El Faro Beachfront Restaurant & Condo Opportunity - $1,250,000 USD

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Best Value in Playacar Phase I… Casa Katarina! Custom home minutes from the beach! - $499,000 USD

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Unique Beachfront Lot for Sale - $300,000 REDUCED to $199,000 USD!!

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Playacar – 3 Bedroom Renovated Town Home - $294,900 USD

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Real Estate Playa Del Carmen

The Playa Del Carmen real estate market is still booming! This boom has made investing in Playa Del Carmen a sound decision—not just for nationals, but also for us ‘Gringos’.


Us gringos are aplenty in this little piece of paradise that we call Playa Del Carmen. Americans and Canadians flock to Playa (like it’s the last chopper pulling outta ‘Nam) in search of a slow, peaceful lifestyle. And they find it.


If you’re interested in becoming an expat member here in Playa click here to read about our top reasons to move to Playa Del Carmen. Or, click here to join Playa’s biggest expat Facebook group—a supportive community of networked individuals that make life here as breezy as the warm tropical winds.

But…don’t be entirely blinded by the margaritas and Mayan ruins, be sure to make a solid investment that will add peace of mind to your life

As a brokerage that has been operating successfully since 2005 (led by our Harvard Business School-graduate leader) we’ve watched this market grow at an amazing rate. All this growth has led to a healthy, sustainable market—but it isn’t without its growing pains and difficulties. So—before you make your home on the sandy white shores, on the 7-shades-of-blue ocean in Playa Del Carmen, be aware of what you need to know—because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Real Estate Playa Del Carmen: The Market

The Playa Del Carmen real estate market is solid, with sustained 9+% YOY growth. This leads to many smart investments for people who properly navigate the complicated matrix of foreign investment here. For investment specifics on an investment strategy, or condo building, be sure to speak with one of our real estate professionals.


Having worked with buyers and investors in many capacities, we are able to help find the perfect vehicle for you to realize your goals.  From a simple getaway condo or multiple unit purchases, to hotel purchases or large acreage acquisitions, we have the experience, knowledge and connections to guide you every step of the way.

Living in Playa –Playa Del Carmen Real Estate, Living & Investments

Life is better when you have a solid roof over your head, and a mortgage that isn’t eating your soul. Playa Del Carmen real estate has a plethora of lovely homes and condos. But, again, like anywhere else—not all are created equal. Which investment is solid? Which one is that best quality and won’t crumble with the sea salt-filled air?


Unfortunately, not all real estate investments here go smoothly. Due to a lack of Realtor licensing, conflicts of interest, lack of due diligence, transaction-based relationships and other issues—your worry-free life, and bank account are at risk. Enter American Realty. Click here to read more about what you don’t know—that might hurt you and your family  …because there are people here who know more ways to take your money than a roomful of lawyers.

Finding The Best Real Estate Broker In Playa Del Carmen

American Development brokerage has been practicing real estate since 2005, and we’ve never waivered on our commitment. Our commitment to our clients is to protect their best interests over all others, to guide them through and to educate them on the process of buying condos and homes.

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