New Normalcy, and over 4,000 people go to Playa’s beaches every day

Last week, the Government of Quintana Roo lifted some of the restrictions on going to the beach. As we passed from “code orange” to “code yellow”, people started to crowd again the paradise-like beaches of Playa del Carmen. The new Normalcy is arriving. At the moment, the authorities estimate that around 4,000 people visit the beaches every day. Luckily, not all at the same time!

In an interview with the Operational Director of Civil Protection Services, Emmanuel Hedding stated that 12 of the local beaches are already open. As part of the protection strategy, there are extra health and safety measures to access the area.

Emmanuel Hedding made remarks about the importance of respecting the rules of New Normalcy. In beaches, that means wearing masks, respecting social distancing, not bringing alcohol or big meals (only snacks). The objective is that families, tourists and generally everyone can enjoy the beach without doing anything dangerous.

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The change in the risk assessment of Playa del Carmen also followed a change in Hotel activity. As of the 7th of September, Hotels and Resorts have been able to duplicate their capacity, from 30% to 60%. As a result, experts foresee that the economy of the Riviera Maya will keep getting stronger everyday.


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