Myths and Facts of Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico

We hear a lot of things about the lifestyle when you move to Mexico, but what’s true and what is not?. We will talk about the Myths and Facts of living in Mexico.

Cost of living

Mexico offers you more for your dollars, the cost of living is lower than the rest of NorthAmerica. If you are planning to move to Mexico I can assure you that your lifestyle will change for good.

Some things like tech and imported items are more expensive in Mexico. Most of them came from the US or Canada.

The lower cost of things such as groceries, services,(The internet service is much lower in Mexico) taxes will help you to balance your expenses.

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There are a lot of myths about Mexico Healthcare, one of the most common myths is that Mexico is subpar and that is not true. The quality of medical service that you receive in Mexico is similar to the one in the US.

I will add that the cultural behavior of the Mexicans helps them to provide a better service. They care a lot about you and they always make follow -ups on their patients.

The best of all is that the prices can be 50 or 70 percent lower than in the US.

Transportation Spends

If you are moving to Mexico, I am sure that you will like to spend some time back in the US or Canada. Or you will like your family to join you in your new house in Mexico.

Moving around is not that expensive, there are flights from US and Canada all over the year and if you plan everything with time in advance you can find really cheap flights.

Inside Mexico, the taxis and transportation are not expensive at all.

These are some topics that you need to consider if you are planning to move to Mexico. If you want more information about it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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