Diving in Cozumel a Must-do in the Riviera Maya.

Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Cozumel is once again recognized as the best place in the world for scuba diving. The recognition was received at the International Tourism Fair 2022 held in Madrid. 

The history of diving in Cozumel began in the ‘60s, when Frenchman Jacques Cousteau visited this island for the first time. 

He was so fascinated by the incredible underwater world of the Mexican Caribbean that he declared this to be one of the most spectacular places to dive, and it was the setting for his documentaries broadcast on several international channels.

Cozumel has an endless number of dive sites, due to its great location. Off the coast of Cozumel is the National Reef Park. 

After consulting numerous divers, we were able to obtain the 3 best spots to practice this activity. 

Cozumel is worldwide known as one of the best places to practice scuba diving.


La pared de Santa Rosa

One of the favorite sites for expert divers is Santa Rosa. It is a huge reef wall that reaches up to 30 meters deep, although it has 700 meters more of the cliff. It is advisable to dive with expert guides, as it has tunnels and passages, some with no exit.

Arrecife Palancar

The Palancar Reef is another of the most recognized reefs in the world for its coral towers. In addition, here the current is calmer, which allows better diving through its caves. One of the starting points is the beach of the same name.

Reef Palancar

Paso del Cedral

One of the most sought-after reefs to dive in is Paso del Cedral. This is a dive that can reach up to 16 meters deep. It is surrounded by the marine fauna that inhabits the corals, among which are multicolored fish, lobsters, manta rays, and turtles.

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Paso Cedral Reef

Whatever your choice is, I am sure you will be fascinated after discovering a new world under the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Something very important to keep in mind is to do it with an expert.



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