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Hey….   Playa del Carmen is a beach town and if you’re gonna be in a swim suit, you might want to be in some sort of decent physical shape.  With 320 days of sunshine each year and the warm blue water of the Caribbean, Playa is home to water sports of all kinds so swim suits and bikinis are kind of the default uniform for the entire area.


Getting your fitness on….

Evolve GymSo if you live here and want to stay in shape for the beaches, or are simply a tourist looking for the best place to get your workout on, then you should look into Evolve Fitness Gym – particularly the one on 24th St between 5th Av and 10th Av.  I’ve worked out in just about every gym in town in the last two years and I really feel it comes down to either Evolve Fitness Gym or their main competitor, simply called The Gym.

Just to be clear, this is entirely an opinion piece based on my own personal preferences but to set the stage a little bit, I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for nearly 30 years.  I was certified as a personal trainer and have a degree in Exercise Science so I know a little bit about the fitness industry.

Check out the video below and find out why I recommend the gym that I do…


So there you have it…

Evolve is a little bit cheaper, better parking opportunities and slightly better equipped.

Just to be clear, I’m not knocking on The Gym – it’s a good, modern facility and you can get a good workout in without a problem.  But for the money, Evolve is laid out in a more functional fashion and and 250 pesos a month cheaper than The Gym so more bang for less bucks – always a good thing in my opinion!

Comment below with any questions and we look forward to seeing you down here in Paradise………


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