Playa voted cleanest city in Mexico for 2nd straight year!

Playa del CarmenFor the second year in a row Playa del Carmen has been voted the cleanest city in Mexico. The Mayor, Filiberto Martinez, was on hand to accept the award, “With will and effort, real changes can come that benefit the people” he stated to the crowd.

He went on to say that although Playa is widely recognized for its natural beauty all over the world, now due to the second year in a row for winning the award, it can be known for something that Mexico is not often associated with; cleanliness.

The award, “Jumil de Oro” is a nationally recognized award given to municipalities that show effective means of disposal of waste and waste mateirals, and is given to municipalities that have “demonstrated the attitude, investment and the necessary equipment to maintain a clean environment throughout the community.”

Playa has instituted a program called “Todo Solidaridad Limpio” that among other things, every Saturday government employees and citizen volunteers get their hands dirty by picking up trash, rehabilitating parks, and clean up local schools and green areas. As of today this program has more than 80 Saturdays in a row with the participation from the city and local volunteers.

The other factor the Mayor cited as vital to winning the award for the second straight year is the purchase of 25 brand-new trash compacting trucks that are on constant rotation for trash recollection all over the city.  Combining the right tools, along with the right attitude seems to be the winning combination for the city.

As Playa develops into premier destination, the desire to live and own property here will also continue to grow as the Real Estate market develops as well.

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