Latin America happiest people on earth!

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So it turns out that money does not in fact buy happiness.

To prove this fact a massive study involving over 150,000 people was conducted. Although Qatar might be the richest country in the world that didn’t buy them a spot even near the top of the list. How about life expectancy? That crown belongs to the Japanese, but they are by no means the most satisfied. Canada is very proud of producing the most college graduates on the planet, but all those smarties didn’t even rank them in the top 10 of happiest countries.

A worldwide poll from every corner found 7 of the top 10 happiest countries on the planet are found in Latin America. It seems like the old adage that Grandma taught us all, the daily contact and the little things, not how much money or how many titles we have after are names, that correlate to true happiness. Guatemala, which is about as wealthy as Iraq, is the seventh happiest place on earth.

What do these countries that are happy have in common? It’s all about the attitude. Friendly people who smile and truly enjoy life combined with natural beauty are what really give life it’s meaning, the study found. It wasn’t income, a new vehicle, fancy clothes, or any measure of material possessions that related directly with people’s feelings of happiness in service. In fact, the traits that closely corresponded to happiness were:

• Being well rested
• Being treated with respect
• Smiling
• Laughing a lot
• Learning new things
• Feelings of enjoyment on a daily basis

Not exactly the most common traits found in a Wall Street Banker.

Those of us who already live in Latin American know this is part of our daily life. Combine all these measurables with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, world class cuisine, and a beach that they film Corona commercials on and you have Playa del Carmen. Some lucky residents have known this for years. Now the rest of the world seems to be catching on. We never seen a survey that articulates what we experience so succinctly.

“Life is short, we can either spend in the pursuit of evermore material possessions, or the pursuit of deeper meanings.” said one respondent. We could not have said it better. Helping people make their dream a reality is what we do everyday, but now we can say scientifically that people who make the move, have a happier life ahead of them. Get started today at


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