LGBT ALLIANCE a certification in real estate

For those couples in the LGBT community who are looking to acquire a property, they will be interested to know that there is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the LGBT + community on the journey to enjoying their property. The organization trains real estate professionals to provide the best experience in addition to providing the necessary resources in the purchase stages.

The Mexican Caribbean, being one of the preferred destinations for the LGBT + community, there are real estate agencies that have the characteristic of being Gay-Friendly. Following in the footsteps of the Allianza Organization, they advise couples on real estate and housing policy issues. There are currently more than 2,100 real estate advisers, members of the Alliance that began in October 2020.

LGBT + community counseling services help people protect themselves against some federal housing laws that do not include sexual orientation or gender identity as protected classes and consequently allow discrimination and create barriers to homeownership. Get a loan, rent, etc. The property acquisition rate for the LGBT + community is 49% compared to 64% for the general population.



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