Your well-being is no longer a luxury in Playa del Carmen

 Dr GabrielYou already love the Riviera Maya, you are well aware of the quality of the cuisine, resorts, paradisiac beaches, you’ve found your get away spot. The only thing stopping you from taking the next step is that you are a fan of taking care of yourself, you enjoy a good massage every now and then, some wellness and health treatments, just pampering yourself because you deserve it, so you find yourself wondering if you would be able to find the quality and luxury you are used to when you are about to make the decision to buy your dream home in pardise, Playa del Carmen. After doing extensive research and hearing from the people we know share this passion for self-care, we have good news for you, There is a place in Playa del Carmen where you can find world class treatments for wellness, beauty, health and anti-aging “Life Extension Clinic”


We visited the facilities of  Life Extension Clinic, being welcomed with a cup of warm tea and a smiling face at the front desk, we scheduled an appointment with the Director of public relations Joakim Bergström to ask for an interview and share with the world more information about what makes them The top clinic in the Riviera Maya.

Joakim was very nice as well and agreed to do the interview. On the day of the interview he was kind enough to show us their facilities and give us the opportunity to see the quality of their treatment rooms and equipment.

life extension clinic

“Our clients say the ambiance just breathes peace, luxury, it’s a sanctuary of calmness and wellness”.

Joakim Bergström Director of Public Relations

 We were very pleased to have chosen this place and to have been so welcomed, here is the information we obtained from the interview:

What makes the Life extension Clinic a world class provider of wellness, beauty, anti-aging and health treatments?

 When we asked Joakim this question, he had a very interesting response, especially because he is from Sweden and has traveled to many different countries, so for this reason he has been able to see the quality offered in other centers that offer similar treatments.

“This is a very interesting question, because I myself am not from Mexico, so I completely understand the problem faced nowadays for people that have never been to Mexico or the Riviera Maya, as a high quality service provider I agree on the fact that we need to tell people about how amazing Playa del Carmen is. Our clinic is the biggest proof of the quality we offer, so I only need to point out a few things. When people arrive they always see the quality we have to offer, our facilities meet the highest standards and are at the same level found in Europe and the U.S. Our doctor is certified in Europe, the U.S and of course Mexico and has practiced abroad. We find that people are often concerned about how qualified the doctor is going to be – is it some random uncertified individual? Well, in our clinic the answer is no, we are always looking to meet the highest standards in the industry, the technology that we have is the latest, the products we use are the highest quality available in the market – the botox that we use is proper botox, the real thing! I know this is a concern to many botox users. Our doctor and therapists are often improving their techniques and are often invited to different congresses as speakers to share their knowledge with other professionals in the field. It’s a combination of the quality we offer and the peaceful and relaxing environment we have in the clinic. All those factors make us unique and special.”

 Top 5 treatments that Life extension offers


“We offer many different treatments;  in 4 different categories:





These are our most popular treatments:

1. Botox and filler treatments– “A face with fresh expressions without lines or wrinkles. The patient will simply look younger!”

2. Vampire Therapy – This very top treatment is being used by all the celebrities, including Kim Kardashian “The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) known under other names in the fashion magazines: Vampire Lift, Glow Lift or Regen Plasma is the most powerful rejuvenation treatment because the grow factors create new skin.”We take blood out; separate the red blood cells from the white blood cells and in the middle we are able to find the plasma which we inject into your skin, making wrinkles vanish, giving a more youthful appearance, strong and rehydrated skin. It’s a completely natural treatment as no foreign substances go into your body”

 3.Endopeel – Life Extension Clinic has its own very specialized doctor in this treatment, “Endopeel, also known as Progressive Lifting tightens the tissues of the face and body. The result is similar to surgical lifting but here without the painful surgery.”

4. Facials – Life Extension Clinic has different kinds of facials, specially designed for your needs or skin type, they also have treatments that help those who have been diagnosed with specific skin problems.

 5.Corporals (body treatments) – Life Extension Clinic has a big range of treatments that go from Radio frequency treatments to Coolsculpting, this last one is performed to remove fat in localized areas.

 Joakim tells us that while patients are definitely able to feel and see a difference right away after they have completed their first session, it’s important to mention that it’s a process and for certain treatments you will notice a bigger difference as the amount of sessions increases.

Are there Cellular and hormone treatments available in Playa del Carmen?


 Yes! We have those kinds of treatments at Life Extension Clinic, most of our clients for these specific treatments are mostly Canadian, American and Mexican. The treatments are performed by our main doctor, he is certified in Europe, The U.S and Mexico. Hormone treatments are for often used for advanced age patients that need a push in different areas of their body to improve their health in general; many people want to use them to improve results, get more muscle growth when doing exercise or practicing different sports, many people use cellular treatments to reestablish the cellular movement in the body as they age, so not only do they look younger, but they feel younger, healthier, more active and feel more alive! In comparison to Canada,Europe and the U.S all our treatments are very competitive in the price.

 We are certain to say that Life Extension Clinic has treatments for just about everyone!  Men and women of all ages and needs, focusing on wellness, health, beauty and anti-aging, we can say that they specialize in making people feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.  After the interview I definitely got more information on facials and Vampire Therapy. I am certain to become a client at Life Extension Clinic pretty soon! Clic for further information.

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