“Hey!  We want to buy in Tulum because there is an airport going in – it’s going to be huge deal and we feel that’s the place to buy…”

Ok…   just stop.  Please.  

That news is over 10 years old.  And I’ve got other news for you – there is no airport going in Tulum.  Period.

Tulum RuinsEven if there was one being built in the near future, the prices for real estate in Tulum skyrocketed a decade ago when there was a proposal for a new airport there.  Investors and speculators from around the world started buying property and owners decided their land was worth a fortune, based on this airport.  So you would be well behind the curve, even if there was an airport going in.

At one time, it did look very promising.  You can actually still see where the runways were cleared.  Without going into a huge amount of details about the political nonsense that ensued, let’s just say that the pissing contest between governmental and regulatory bodies eliminated virtually any chance of an airport being built out near Tulum.  Ever.

Which is actually kind of messed up for the people in the area.  A major international air terminal in Tulum would have been a boon to tourism for the entire area, not just that city.  Everything south of Playa del Carmen would have flourished and experienced a large increase in visitors.  With Tulum being a little over an hour and a half drive from the Cancun International Airport, many tourists opt for someplace closer, like Playa.  There is an airport on Isla Cozumel, but that serves mostly just Cozumel itself and to a lesser extent, Playa del Carmen.

TulumIt is what it is at this point.  It would have changed the landscape of tourism in the Riviera Maya in a very big and significant way but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening.  But it seems like this rumor just simply will not die and real estate prices in Tulum have remained quite high, even with the occasional infrastructure issues and even with all the title problems and other major issues with real estate and property.

Let’s get something straight – I’m not knocking on Tulum at all.  I love visiting out there and I think it’s stunningly beautiful.  Personally, I wouldn’t choose to live out there, simply because of the distance and the before mentioned lack of infrastructure…  but if you vibe with it and want to live there because you love it there, by all means follow your heart and passion.  But DO NOT buy out in Tulum if the sole reason for doing so is you think you’ll make a ton of money based on the idea that the Tulum Airport is ever going to happen

Because it’s not.

Tulum International Airport


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