The first stage of Fifth Avenue, Fundadors Park remodel 90 percent complete, says the director of public work Playa del Carmen

The director of public work of Playa del Carmen says the remodeling of the city’s Fifth Avenue and Fundadores Park is 90 percent complete in its first stage.

José Luis Castillejos Gómez, the director of Public Works, says that the road work of Fifth Avenue and surrounding streets as well as the work being done in Fundadores Park is nearing completion in its preparation for reforestation, which he says, should begin this week.

Castillejos Gómez pointed out that in the first stage, the removal of the old roadways has been done and that they are now working on the installation of an electrical power network, including a new lighting system and fiber optics. He says this part of the project is 80 percent finished.

This week, planters that are being made to house new adult trees will start being installed. He says the new trees being placed are between three and seven meters in height, adding that seven planters are currently ready for installation.

Regarding Fundadores Park, he says the old paving has been removed and the concrete demolished. Underground pipes were prepared for wiring, including the installation of fiber optics and now, the ground is being leveled for the installation of absorption wells and then, new stonework. He added that they will also soon begin working on building retaining walls.

For the project, the government of Laura Beristain has earmarked an investment of 117 million peso.

Source: Riviera Maya News


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