The 3D Museum of Wonders Playa del Carmen

This new cultural attraction in the center of Playa del Carmen offers a great alternative to the usual tropical environment while also sharing an interactive feel. So what exactly are these wonders? After interviewing the lovely Paola Pastrana, the general manager, we have learned the history of this particular art form.

The story begins with an American artist Keith Wenner who studied at the University of Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design; Mr. Wenner is a graphic artist that also worked as a scientific illustrator for NASA he then leaves NASA to develop his own technique or art form called 3D Pavement Art. He moves to Italy and is completely influenced by the classicism style of art that flourishes there.

His usual tools of choice are chalks and pastels due to the fact that his canvas was always asphalt or cement sidewalks. However he has transitioned his artwork to printed canvas in order to display his work on the other side of the pond. Here in Playa del Carmen you can visit the museum and see his artwork in life-size displays so that you may become a part of the gallery. The museum opened in December of 2015 and in January had their official inauguration with a special visit from the Governor, giving his blessing and support to a different experience in Playa del Carmen.

The Museum of Wonders can be found on 10th avenue between 8th and 10th street. And their hours are from 9am till 10pm Monday to Sunday. This way whether, rain or shine, you can enjoy couple of hours of great artwork with memorable photos to take home. You are allowed to use any type of camera, with or without flash, and become one with the exposition.

The price of entering the museum is $400 Mexican pesos or $25 US dollars for adults and $320 Mexican pesos or $20 US dollars for children. The 3D Museum is also offering a discount for locals on Sundays with a 50% discount on tickets presenting their state ID. Another great advantage is that International Residents can also pay the local price presenting their ID and proof of address from the state of Quintana Roo. Students have the best promotion with a 50% discount everyday of the week.

For more information please do not hesitate to look them up via facebook with the title 3D Museum of Wonders also by clicking through our facebook and webpage we can redirect you to their site.


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