Caveat Emptor!! Especially when buying real estate in Mexico…

Caveat Emptor….  Buyer Beware.

Real estate fraud Playa del Carmen
Do your research!!

Ok…   As you may or may not have heard, the world of real estate in Playa del Carmen has been rocked by scandal.  There has been a company here that – Allegedly – has been committing fraud on a massive scale and bilking well meaning but sadly naive investors out of millions of dollars.  This has been going on for several years and it’s now finally coming to light in the public eye, with several major articles coming out regarding the allegations of fraud and downright thievery.

Now, for those of us in the industry here, this comes as no surprise.  But it is definitely coming as a surprise to hundreds of people, some of whom dumped a major portion of their life savings into what is – allegedly – a complete scam.

Regardless of anything else, this news serves to remind all of us to do our due diligence and thoroughly research ANY company that we are going to do business with – especially when we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business.  A very simple and quick 2 minute Google search of the company and people in question would have saved everyone from being caught up in this mess, and saved them huge amounts of money as well.  Not to mention the stress of losing the money, but the time and resources that are involved in fighting a legal case outside your own country.

Caribbean beaches Playa del CarmenNone of this is meant to scare you off.  Quite the contrary!  There are some fantastic deals here in Mexico and you can make very good return on your money, all while enjoying your very own vacation home in what many call “Paradise on Earth.”

Our only caution to anyone who is considering buying real estate in Mexico is to do your research…  It’s not hard these days.  Jump on Google and let your fingers do the walking.  We tell every single one of our clients to do their Due Diligence on us and our company before they buy.   Google us.  Look at our track record.

We have been in business here, selling real estate in Playa del Carmen for over 10 years.  We have a proven track record and we have exactly nothing to hide – because we treat our clients like family.  We are here to stay and have been successful for this long simply because we hold ourselves to a very high standard of ethics.

  • AMPI Certified Members / Realtors
  • Founding Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cancun, Mexico
  • Plus a 10 year track record of successfully helping clients buy real estate without issues

Do your research and work with someone that can be trusted.  Someone who can back up their claims with facts.  Someone who will provide you with full disclosure and full transparency – and who takes it upon themselves to spend the time and truly educate their clients before purchasing.

You need somebody in your corner who will protect you.

You owe it to yourself.


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