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Many people from all corners of the globe are making the move to Playa.  When we speak to people from the US and Canada who aren’t really familiar with the area, we get two questions nearly every time.  First, why are so many people choosing to move there?  Second, what are the legalities in Mexico and do I need a real estate broker Playa del Carmen?

The answer to the first question is apparent to anyone who has spent any time in Playa del Carmen.  I think the following paragraph sums it up nicely…

“Young adventuresome travelers have long been attracted to the eclectic Playa del Carmen beach scene. Though it’s no longer an idyllic village, it remains a laid-back beach town at its core, with a variety of unique hotels, restaurants, and stores. Playa retains the feel of a cosmopolitan getaway with a counterculture ethos and a distinctly European feel.” (Introduction to Playa del Carmen)

 Such a good place to vacation seems like a dream come true. It would be even more perfect if you chose to buy a home in Playa del Carmen and move to the Riviera Maya for good. If you are looking into buying property, you may be wondering just how important it may be to work with a real estate broker in Playa del Carmen – or anywhere in Mexico, for that matter.

Real Estate Broker Playa del CarmenThe answer is simple:  it is extremely important for a number of different reasons.

There are big differences in buying real estate in the United States and Canada when compared to Mexico. You won’t know the process for purchasing property in Playa del Carmen without expert advice. If you try to handle things on your own, you could be putting yourself at risk, and that risk just isn’t worth taking.


The Restricted Zone

All of Playa del Carmen falls within the Restricted Zone.  The Restricted Zone is all land within 100 kilometers of the border and within 50 kilometers of the coast.  It is in the Mexican constitution that no foreigner can own land or property that lies within the Restricted Zone.  There are legal ways to address this – the property can be owned by a foreigner in the form of a Trust or a Mexican corporation.  You will need someone who knows the intricacies of these laws and knows exactly how to set up those legal entities so that you are 100% protected.

Playa del CarmenNAFTA will come into play as well because there are certain rules that must be followed if you plan on owning Playa del Carmen real estate. The right broker will be extremely knowledgeable on NAFTA rules so that you won’t have to worry about running into any problems.

When you are ready to buy your dream home or investment in Playa del Carmen, then don’t try to handle the process on your own. Instead, turn to us. American Realty speaks your language – literally and metaphorically. We know where you are coming from and what your concerns are because we have all been in your position before and we know how daunting the procedure can be.

We represent you – it’s been our specialty and our singular focus since 2005.  We can walk you though the process step by step and ensure that everything is done correctly the first time.  It’s what we do.


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