Playa del Carmen Real Estate: The Investment of a Lifetime

Life, as we know it, can be delightfully, excruciatingly fickle. We scheme and plan and lay out a complete blueprint for how we are going to, or wish to, spend the rest of their lives. Then we blink, and there goes the fantasy. Unexpected turns of fortune await us at every corner, and while some are fortunate, others are considerably less so.

Such glorious chaos, and within it the uncertainty of where one should invest their savings. Will the investment backfire, or will it reward you with profits? Should the investment be short term or long term? Will it generate enough to provide you with a comfortable retirement, maybe even a luxurious one? There are a myriad other questions that need to be asked and answered as well.


The Stock Market?

Stock crash dejectionWith the stock market at an all time high and with many “in the know” types saying that another crash is an inevitability, is it smart to bet your entire future on the whimsical nature of the bankers and stock brokers? And what happens to real estate values in the United States if the stock market plummets again??  Have we forgotten so soon the horrors of 2007-2009?

Everyone is in a fever pitch right now about investing in the market but what happens if the Fed turns off the flow of free money to the financial institutions?  What happened to the “buy low, sell high” mantra that used to be the rule of stock investment?

So what is the average US citizen supposed to do to ensure their Golden Years stay golden?


Real Estate in Mexico

Fortunately, there are alternatives.  For those of you who are not familiar with reknowned economist Jim O’Neill or haven’t heard of the MINT, I suggest that you study up – and soon.  The MINT stands for Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey and they are the four countries that have the strongest emerging economies and are generally considered the best investment opportunities for the next 20 years.

Mexican Real EstateThere is real estate for sale in Mexico that could provide all the answers you could wish for, offering to you the investment opportunity of a lifetime. So whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or a second home buyer or a wanna be expatriate,  head down to the Riviera Maya and get in touch with American Realty to get the real answers for Americans or anyone else looking to invest profitably in Mexico.  Ask them specifically what an investment in Playa del Carmen real estate can do for you.


Why Playa del Carmen Real Estate?

Playa, as it is affectionately known by the locals, is the fastest growing city in all of Latin America, making it a prime destination for investors of all sorts and sizes. The beaches here – and they are gorgeous indeed – are riddled with world class resorts and beach clubs, in addition to shopping malls, spas, and a delectable variety of restaurants.

Parasailing playa del carmenInvesting in real estate in Playa del Carmen offers you a range of choices, each one better than the last. They can be remarkably affordable to begin with, and the demand for house for sell in Playa so high, it can allow you the opportunity to make short term profits through reselling.  Holding and renting properties can also be very profitable since the occupancy rate for this area of the country averages 79.4% year round.   If however, a particular lifestyle is your objective instead of profits, Playa del Carmen real estate can still cater to your needs with absolute satisfaction, regardless of what they are.

You could be running away from the looming economic collapse in the US, looking for a second home amidst a different culture, or maybe even investing in what would eventually be your retirement home. Whatever your need or purpose, there is a home or condo for sale in Playa del Carmen that is just right for you – and American Realty can help you find it.


A Real Estate Company That Understands YOU

Real estate closing Playa del CarmenUnderstanding the ins and outs of real estate in Mexico, or any new place for that matter, can be incredibly confusing – particularly if you wish to invest in property and spend a considerable amount of time there. The laws and regulations are different, the culture is entirely new, and the people there are total strangers. You need someone on your side – someone you can trust – and that is what American Realty is all about.

We have recommendations and awards, and a proven track record, and you can trust us to deliver the best possible investment in a home or condo in Playa del Carmen.

Check us out, do your research and then contact us and one of our NAFTA expert agents will explain the process to you – in YOUR language and in a way that you will understand, so you feel 100% comfortable making the investment of a lifetime in Mexican real estate.

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