Playa del Carmen is the first city in the country of México to have Urban Resilience Profile

Playa del Carmen is the first city in the country to have its Urban Resilience Profile, which was awarded over to the Municipal Government by the Secretary of Agriculture, Territorial and Urban Development. It allows The municipality to continue to develop specific policies for Environmental risk prevention.

The document, which was presented in the framework of the United Nations Organization’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, was developed based on research and studies carried out by the Universidad Mexiquense del Bicentenario in coordination with the municipality.

The Urban Resilience Profile considers aspects such as the type of trees planted in the city, specific precautions for laying power lines or data cables, and especially the management of plant species to promote their growth.

This is just the beginning, the other part is the responsibility given to each of the areas, both Urban Development, Environment, Planning, Public Safety, all of which entail the safety of both people and the Environment.

Urban Resilience is a topic that begins to generate a boom, it’s not very well known, but it is a way to find profiles of how to readapt, regenerate, rebuild before something become a disaster,” said Cristina Torres, municipal president Of Solidarity.

Although the network of resilient cities already existed in Mexico since July 2016, Playa del Carmen is the first city to have the Urban Resilience Profile.

In Mexico, the network is made up of 18 cities in 17 states of the Mexican Republic, which will receive support from UN-HABITAT and government institutions to design city-specific plans based on the Resilient Cities Program.



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