Mexico… land of enchantment and mystery

So I’ve been in Mexico full time for over 2 years now…   it’s been an amazing adventure and one that I will remember with great fondness for my entire life.  And no, I don’t have any plans on leaving right now, I’m just looking back at the last two years and wondering where the time went.

Islands in MexicoI am currently planing a little “island hopping” trip…   Going to spend 3-4 days exploring Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox.  It’s been a while since I have been and since I have friends coming into town, it seems like a great excuse to go hang out on some gorgeous islands and take in some sun.


Mexico….    endless fun

The point is, there is so much to do in Mexico – even just in the Riviera Maya – that it’s absolutely mind boggling.

I am loving my time in Mexico and here in Playa del Carmen, I am super close to many, many amazing attractions.  I mentioned Isla Mujeres earlier…   just a quick 45 trip to Cancun from Playa del Carmen and then a short ferry ride and you are on an island paradise that seems a world apart from both Playa and Cancun.  Isla Holbox is a little bit farther but still only takes about 2 hours from Playa del Carmen.  And that has an entirely different vibe than Isla Mujeres or anywhere else in the region.

Obviously, on this little excursion, I’m looking for some relaxation…   some great beaches, good local food and a few cocktails.  This isn’t a raging nightlife sort of trip.  This is all about chilling on an amazing beach and maybe taking in some sights…    puttering around the island on a golf cart or scooter and stopping whenever and wherever I feel like stopping.

Then when I get back from island hopping, a group of us are renting an 85 ft catamaran for a day and having a full blown party while cruising around the Caribbean.  Music, food, cocktails….   and of course, snorkeling, swimming and whatever else.   It’s not a bad life here…..

I’ll be posting pics and maybe even some video from both the islands and the boat…   in the meantime, enjoy this video that highlights many of the cool things that you can see and do only in Mexico!



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