Mexico Develops as a Leading Hub for the Aerospace Sector

Besides to their strong presence in the electronics and automobile industries, Mexico is now a main player in the worldwide aerospace industry.

In short time, this country has gone from a minor parts supplier to a major partner of several large aviation companies by its attractive offerings of lower-costs, a free-trade system, and skilled, motivated workers.

Mexico can thank the large amount of foreign direct investment they have received in recent years for solidifying their place in the highly competitive, fast-growing aerospace industry.

Important key of this development is the strong cooperation between governments, universities, and private sectors in promotion of the capabilities of the Mexican aerospace sector has incentivized foreign manufacturers to increase their operations, not only in manufacturing but also in establishing an engineering base.

Strategic program manager at Kaman Aerostructures, John Gardner, says “They make it easy for you to do business down here. They provide a ‘soft landing,’ to get a quick startup—a good startup. We got a lot of support up front and afterward.”

Other great benefits in Mexico for this industry are geographic location, open trade policies, political and economic stability as their main reason for moving manufacturing south of the border.

Such stability has been particularly attractive to companies fearful of their intellectual property security and swayed them away from such countries as China.

Mexico is growing in diferent kind of business, opportunities are appearing all over the country.

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