Mexico 2015… Things you don’t know about Mexico


Mexico 2015For people in the United States and Canada, the mention of this country stimulates various associations – some good, some bad.  Maybe when you hear of Mexico, you automatically think of beautiful beaches,  palm tress and margaritas…   Some people think of the culture, some of the resorts…  some think of drugs and others think of scuba diving while still others think simply of relaxation and vacation.

What most people do NOT think about it is the positioning of Mexico as an emerging economic powerhouse and a major player on the world stage in terms of growth, finances, education, manufacturing, agriculture and much, much more.


The Mexico you DON’T know….

This short video will give you some amazing knowledge about aspects of this country that most people have no clue about.  Mexico in 2015 is much more than tequila and pristine beaches….

This surge in growth is powered by solid economic fundamentals.  This is no Wall Street engineered financial boom/crisis.

This is not the Fed playing with your retirement dollars.  


Growth in Mexico

This is solid growth propelled by a demographically young country that is rich in natural resources and coming into it’s own as a first world power.  The growth shows no indication of stopping and exports from Mexico will continue to rise, manufacturing will surpass China in the near future and the amount of consumable goods imported will continue to rise as the population matures and steps into its new role as financially stable and economically powerful.

Mexican economy growthAll of these are powerful indicators of what the future holds and those who are savvy will recognize the value of diversifying their investment portfolio – whether in Mexican companies, real estate or business start ups, the outlook is amazing.

The United States stock market is at an all time high…  Why?  Certainly not because of earnings.  Outrageous valuations based on fictitious probabilities and optimistic outlooks of investors buoyed by billions of dollars in quantitative easing are the norm, while earnings and liquidity show an starkly different story.

None of that exists in Mexico.  It is a diamond in the rough and a very good place to explore if you are looking to invest some of your portfolio in off shore holdings.  Real estate in the Riviera Maya has been increasing steadily and although the past is not necessarily a prediction of the future, all the signs point toward continued growth unhindered by subprime loans and other shady investment instruments.

Mexico vacation and tourismTourism here is at an all time high and hotel occupancy rates average 79.4% year round.  That isn’t a typo.  This place is second in the entire world only to Macau in terms of hotel occupancy rates.  For those who understand the industry, those numbers are outstanding.

This also drives foreign investment and Mexico has been attracting investors from around the world.

Americans especially have been moving out of their country in droves, with over 1 million Americans now calling Mexico home for some or most of the year.

The time is now.  Get in before everybody else in the world starts catching on to what is happening…

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