Luxury homes in Playa del Carmen

So, you’ve discovered this amazing paradise. You’ve had the times of your life here. And you’d love to come back any time you want and enjoy all of the wonders found in the Riviera Maya. You constantly find yourself looking at pictures of your last vacation, day dreaming about just waking up next to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, enjoying the beach with your family in your own luxury home in Playa del Carmen and not having to worry about finding a place to book for your next trip.

Luxury playa del carmenCongratulations. You’ve taken your first step toward buying the house of your dreams in the Caribbean. Visualizing yourself and realizing you have found paradise.

The Riviera Maya luxury home real estate market is a target rich environment for savvy real estate investors. Smart buyers know that there are real opportunities, but you have to have real radar  professional guidance from someone who understands the local market.


4 Qualities that set Luxury Homes in the Riviera Maya apart from the rest

There are some differences to keep in mind when it comes to a luxury home. look at what you can usually expect.

  1. Luxury comes in different sizes

You can find a variety of luxury residences including sprawling 8 bedroom mansions on the beach with acres of land, penthouse condos with magnificent views of the Caribbean. Different homeowners have different needs and you can absolutely find something that will meet your vision of a Caribbean dream home.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The Caribbean sounds just about perfect doesn’t it?
This old saying holds true, especially for luxury properties. As a person who enjoys luxury you must know that the location is not just about a particular city or community, but a very specific kind of neighborhood.

Here at American Realty we can help you find the perfect location, we know different people enjoy different things, some of our best clients enjoy having a luxurious condo a few steps from Fifth Avenue whereas others love a more private setting, but we cherish and help our clients find exactly what they are looking for.

  1. It’s all about style

You need to have in mind your tastes when you are preparing to purchase a property here because this will narrow your search. You will want it to fit you -You will want it to feel like home.

  1. Owning a second home in Playa del Carmen is not only a luxury but an investment.

Owning a home is the Caribbean is not only a luxury but an investment, especially because you are probably not planning to live here all year round, so taking into account that statistics show that the Riviera Maya gets approximately 4 million visitors per year, owning and renting a property will definitely make you a fantastic income.


#1 Golden Rule of Buying a Luxury Home in Playa del Carmen

As you prepare to purchase your luxury home, the most important thing to remember is to have a local real estate agent who is experienced and prepared to help you with your purchase. At American Realty, we have been helping Americans and Canadians purchase real estate in Playa del Carmen since 2005.

Here are 3 of our higher end listings:

What makes these three properties so special is that they are not only a second home to the owners but a big source of income because of how easy is it to rent them all year round.

Beach Front House for Sale Asking Price: $2,000,000.00 USD

beachfront playacar

In this property you will experience looking at the most breathtaking sunsets ever just by looking out the window, imagine taking a nice swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean, while enjoying all the amenities of a five-star resort in your own home.

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“Hidden Treasure House” Asking Price: $1,490,000.00 USD
hidden treasure 2Whether you are looking for a peaceful retirement home, to make a great investment, or you want to meet a lot of people with similar mindset and who share the same interests as you. You will definitely agree with us that this property is a real treasure. It has a terrace that overlooks the fabulous Robert von Hagge Championship Golf Course, you are certain to fall in love with it.

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“7 Bedroom Mansion in Playacar Phase 2” Asking Price: $1,499,000.00 USD

mansion playa del carmenWe call this magnificent home ‘Casa Good life’ because you will not experience anything other than living “the good life” this fine property has been defined as a piece of heaven, with its spacious 7 bedrooms you and your guests will enjoy the comfort and very traditional Mexican decoration, the beautiful yard, amazing pool and beautiful natural attractions close by.

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Wishing you joy in your new luxury home!




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