Just 45 mins. from Playa del Carmen a new universe window opens

Planetarium “Ka’Yok”, the firsPlaya del carmen riviera maya real estatet fifth-generation technology that emerged in Mexico and the tenth of its kind in the world, was inaugurated last Friday. It is located in Cancun, 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

“Ka ‘Yok” means “The place where the universe opens” in Mayan lenguaje.
We should remember than Mayan culture takes a broad view on topics such as mathematics, medicine, writing, architecture, astronomy, the count of days, theocracy, politics and arts.

This attraction, is a ” Scientific, Technological and Cultural Complex”. Inside its area features the Planetarium, an  Astronomical Observatory, the  Water Museum, Botanical Gardens and an Eco-techniques Park, all this located in 10 000 400 square meters.

“The Planetarium has a fifth-generation technology, of which there is not even 10 in the world, this is first in Mexico of its kind”, said president of Quintanarroense Council of Science and Technology, Victor Alcérreca.

The Planetarium has a capacity of 98 people, but has a 190-seat auditorium, as well as high quality sound. The complex also has a museum of Maya cosmogony which shows people, children, significant contributions to modern civilization, of the Maya, three educational workshops and ecotechnology on the outside.

“The Observatory has a telescope of 16 inches, for those who have the pleasure of observing the sky in real time”.

For the construction of this new space the National Council for Science and Technology invested 39 million 480 thousand pesos.

A great atraction open for tourists and local people.


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