How is the weather in playa del Carmen?

Playa Del Carmen has a subtropical climate, so its weather ranges from warm to hot for most of the year. The average temperature over the year is about 80ºF or 27ºC and the humidity is usually very high. The sea is almost always warm enough for a swim, but you must pay attention to warnings for the safety of the water, especially during storm season.

The coolest time of year falls between November and January. During these months the daytime temperatures are very comfortable and warm, but the air tends to cool off at night. There is some rain, but not constant or overwhelming. This is part of the high season for tourists and prices will reflect the popularity of the destination especially over the Christmas break.

From February to May the weather is at its most pleasant. The sea is calm for swimming and there is very little rain. Flowers come out to bloom and tourists arrive in droves. Easter weekend and Spring Break tend to be some of the most popular and expensive times to visit Playa Del Carmen.


From June to August the weather becomes very hot. The sea is calm and the air warm even through the night. The sun can be very powerful at this time of year so wearing a hat to shield from its rays may be a good idea. There may be storms from time to time at this time of year, but usually the afternoon thunderstorms don’t last.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin (which accounts for hurricanes on the Caribbean shore of Mexico) starts June 1 and ends November 30.  Maximum activity is between August and October, with the peak activity generally being in early to mid-September.  A hurricane or tropical storm can occur anytime in this period– Emily occurred in July 2005 and Wilma in October 2005.  The 2005 hurricane season was the worst in 154 years.  However, it was an anomaly and is not expected to be repeated soon.  The vast majority of hurricanes do not make landfall.  The majority of those that do reach land don’t strike the Mayan Riviera.  Travelers visiting Playa at this time of year should keep a close watch on the storm warnings and consider travel insurance just to be safe.

Tropical storms can occur during the same time period.  Tropical storms are substantially smaller and less intense than hurricanes.  They usually do not cause much damage but simply bring wind and heavy rains over the span of a few days. They may cool things off for a few hours, but soon the temperatures rise and the sun comes out again.




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