Homes in Playa del Carmen – A Taste of Caribbean Living


What is it that makes homes in Playa Del Carmen so special?

Is it just because of the exotic beaches? No, people lucky enough to own property in Playa Del Carmen also get a taste of a cosmopolitan atmosphere each and every day, plus a mix that is not found in any other human habitat: North American, Mayan, Caribbean, Latin and a mixture of European cultures beautifully come together in a relaxed and friendly beachfront setting.

coral reef playa del carmenThanks to this cultural meshing, you get to enjoy a world class shopping experience, some of the finest food the Caribbean life has to offer, fishing, golfing, cenotes, sailing, diving, adventure and nightlife unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before.

The clear and beaming turquoise blue water of Playa Del Carmen really awes the senses; the spotless and smooth white powder sand that never burns your feat makes for a fine supporting cast member. You may have seen in movies or read about these gorgeous beaches and crystal clear blue Caribbean water.

Corona beachHere’s a fun fact:

It’s these very beaches where all those Corona Commercials are filmed.  You know the ones…   “Change Your Whole Latitude” sound familiar?  🙂

Add to this over 320 days of bright and sunny weather every single year and this could very well pass off as a textbook definition of Paradise on earth.

Don’t let the beaches or nightlife steal the entire spotlight though: Canadians and Americans in large numbers have been relocating to Riviera Maya to invest in real estate in Playa Del Carmen. Folks looking to escape their lives in the US that may soon fall victim to the economic collapse, second home buyers, overseas retirement as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and investors are eagerly taking advantage of homes in Playa Del Carmen: the Caribbean lifestyle where you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed existence, plus a huge  financial upside in terms of both cost of living and property value appreciation.

So the secret’s getting out: it’s this quality of life that’s driving so many folks to live in beautiful Playa Del Carmen and have made it the fastest growing city in Latin America.

homes in playa del carmenThe cost of living here simply can’t be beat: a good 40% lower than what you’d typically expect anywhere in Canada or even the US. In order to get the best deals on homes in Playa Del Carmen, you need to hire the expertise and experience of someone who has an established track record in the market and is well-attuned to to the nuances of Mexican real estate:  American Realty is your premiere go-to source for homes or condos in Playa Del Carmen with the least amount of risk involved, and experts that will stand by you until the transaction is finalized and add you to the family

It can be quite unsettling, at times downright frustrating not to be fully aware of laws in another country, especially when it comes to knowing the right people to “protect” you while buying homes in Playa Del Carmen. As a client, you deserve complete security, and furthermore, nobody should have to be the learning curve of another company that’s largely making deals at their clients’ expense.

With the American Realty, you have complete peace of mind that the deal goes in a smooth and timely manner, particularly if you happen to be a US or Canadian buyer who prefers working with someone speaking English as a first language – but is still intimately with all the laws and regulations that might affect you as a foreign buyer in Mexico.



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