Great Reasons to live in Playa Del Carmen

Great Reasons to live in Playa Del Carmen

As more and more people find ways of escaping their lives in the United States due to the alarmingly high cost of living, and an economic collapse that’s inevitable – the exotic and relaxed Caribbean lifestyle invites many eager buyers seeking to purchase property in Playa Del Carmen. Home to many cultural influences like the traditional Mayans, Latin, North Americans and a mesh of European cultures with some of the most beautiful beaches ever seen on earth: white sand, cool water and the sun beaming down on you over 320 days of the year…

What’s not to love??


Ahhh…..     Food

Playa del Carmen foodDo you happen to be a food lover?

Well, Playa del Carmen is a foodie’s paradise: tasteful shrimp tacos, shrimp sautéed in garlic butter, shrimp burritos, shrimp ceviche and shrimp with avocado… and that’s just with shrimp!!  🙂

Ok, I went a little shrimp crazy there…   seriously, you’ll find restaurants with food from every corner of the globe, from savory local fare to authentic French, Thai, Moroccan, Italian and more.


Culture and adventure

The cultural influences here are something you really end up appreciating; presence of residence from all over the world is quite welcoming and it can really be felt particularly on the famous 5th Ave that’s rife with “European Flare”. Until recently, Playa Del Carmen has been considered a playground that’s accessible only to the rich. However, thanks largely to certain zoning laws, including measures taken by the Local, State and Federal Government, reasonably priced homes and condos for sale in Playa Del Carmen have been introduced that boast a quality infrastructure, while specifically keeping Canadian and US buyers in mind.

Sea turtle - AkumalToday Playa Del Carmen plays host to world class resorts, big shopping malls, beach clubs, spas, exotic dining and entertainment. There’s unmatched beauty to be found around every corner, be it the stunning Caribbean Sea, adventure in the cenotes or even snorkeling and diving the second-largest barrier reef known to man, just off-shore.

The possibilities are endless here and who wouldn’t want to experience all this thrill, adventure, fun and relaxation on a warm Caribbean afternoon? Honestly speaking, this couldn’t be a more ideal location for starting a new life escaping the drudgery and uncertainty of life in the US.


Cost of property in Playa del Carmen

Right now, I can hear you saying “That’s all fine and good Steve, but the cost of living in a place like that has to be insane, right?”

The answer is – it doesn’t have to be.  If you know where to look. 

Real estate Playa del CarmenA typical condo on or near 5th Av or on the beach is going to run anywhere from $250,000 USD to over a million. 

But…  if you go about 4 km inland – less than a 10 min drive – you will find the new ‘suburbs’ of Playa del Carmen and a development called Caribbean Living.

The builder for Caribbean Living is the ONLY builder in Playa Del Carmen that builds homes to American/Canadian standards and 2 bedroom condos in this neat little master planned community start at only $59,000…   You’ll be purchasing property in a neighborhood that’s tailored specifically for the American and Canadian market.

Come down and experience first-hand the finest quality and take advantage of these highly competitive prices offered in the local market before they go any higher.  American Realty,  the most trusted name in Playa del Carmen real estate for 9 years, is the master broker for this project and will be happy to walk you step by step through the process of safely and legally owning property in Mexico.

(Ask about our “Fly and Buy” program for these units!!)



Even though prices are at an incredibly low price, they won’t stay this way for long. 

Increased demand, as well as a new Federal tax, are causing price increases on a regular basis.  The builder’s projects all over the country has enjoyed a 9.8% increase annually and with Playa del Carmen being the fastest growing city in Latin America, it’s a safe bet that these will show better than average appreciation. Now that American and Canadian buyers are starting to find these incredible values, one can only imagine what the appreciation is going to do in the coming years.


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