Frida Kahlo’s Museum in Playa del Carmen


Last week was announced that a new Frida Kahlo’s Museum will open in 2017 in Playa del Carmen. The Caribbean town is the perfect place to host this beautiful museum, the bohemian feel and exponential growth will make this an interesting attraction for tourists and locals.


Frida Kahlo’s biography

Frida Kahlo is without a doubt the most iconic artist in Mexico, she was born on July 6 in Mexico City and her life was marked after a tragic accident. She got married to painter Diego Rivera, together hey became politically active for the communist movement, they even were friends with Leon Trotsky.

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Kahlo lived most of her life in the house where she was born, known as Casa Azul. When she was 6 years old contracted polio, the disease affected her right foot. In 1925 she was injured in a bus accident and spent several weeks in the hospital where she started to paint.

Frida married Diego Rivera in 1929 and travelled across the United States showing their paintings. They separated after Rivera’s constant affairs with other women including Frida’s sister. They reunited again thanks to Leon Trotsky who stayed with them in Mexico City until his assassination. Frida and Leon had a romance during this period.

Frida’s health is an important part of her story, since the bus accident she went through many painful moments including miscarriages, paralysis and a suicide attempt. Frida died in 1954, there is no a official version but the most likely reasons for her death are pneumonia and suicide.

Frida’s work is well known for her self-portraits, surreal style and vivid colors, although often conveying sadness, melancholy and blood. Her beloved blue house became a permanent museum in Coyoacan, Mexico City.

In the meantime, you can visit Frida Kahlo’s Restaurant in Playa del Carmen on Fifth Avenue for great gourmet Mexican food.



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