Drinking the water in Playa del Carmen – yes or no?


We’ve got another Mexico Minute video for you and this is one that every traveler to Mexico has wondered about at one time or another…   and that is whether you can drink the water in Mexico or not.

Mexican woman drinking waterLet’s face it – we’ve all heard the horror stories and watched the scenes in comedy movies where just getting a drop of the dreaded Mexican water near your lips has the most insanely catastrophic results, usually resulting in some sort of cringe-worthy scene where the affected individual experiences all manor of gastrointestinal maladies.  Explosive diarrhea and hilarity ensue while our hero convulses and grasps for anything solid to maintain his or her stability.

I confess – I’m laughing under my breath while writing this but honestly, what is the truth?  Is Mexican water as bad as the movies wold make it out to be?  Is that possible?  I mean, how does the entire population survive if this is the case?

Check it this video from the Mexico Minute series where I break down exactly what is the truth and what is comedy movie fodder in regards to the water here south of the border….


Can you drink the water in Playa del Carmen, Mexico??

There you have it, folks…   the real deal, the inside scoop and the last word on what happens if you ingest the water while traveling or living down here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I’ve been down here for 2 years at the time of this writing and haven’t met one single person who has gotten sick from the water here in Playa.  Now, of course you don’t want to run around drinking tap water here – that would be silly.  But I wouldn’t drink the tap water in any major city in the United States either – that crap is poison.  And at least the water down here isn’t loaded with heavy metal nuero-toxins.

When I was in Las Vegas, I never drank the tap water.  Ever.  I filtered everything or drank bottled water.  Period.  So it isn’t any different living in Mexico.  It’s really a non-issue at best.  Bottled water is readily available and there is no reason to be drinking any kind of tap water.

So feel free to brush your teeth, rinse out your mouth in the shower or whatever you normally do.  You’ll be fine.  Aside from the heavy mineral content, the water in Playa del Carmen is pretty safe.

Stay tuned for another installment of The Mexico Minute.


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