Coco Beach Just Got a Little Healthier With New Organic Market

Coco Beach Just Got a Little Healthier With New Organic Market

Playa del Carmen has a new addition to its listing of superb local offerings: a new organic market. With 6 vendors already on board and more potentially on the way, it won’t be long before this new market becomes a major shopping hub for people seeking healthy, local produce and foods.

Located just off CTM, the Mercado is open on Fridays from 9AM to 11Am.

Vicki and Scott Lyall, from Les Alizes Condominiums, were instrumental in getting this organic market started in Playa Del Carmen’s ever growing north end. They were on hand to direct traffic and greet people who were visiting the market for the first time. More than 50 customers brought their curiosity and their appetites, making their first day a rousing success.

Coco Beach organic marketLocal press sent representatives, giving the market some much appreciated media coverage. Anja Schafer, baker and vendor coordinator, spent some time with the media to share the word about the new market. She shared their vision and described the kind of products that consumers can expect to find when they visit.


Right now visitors to the market will find many yummy organic and gluten-free foods such as vegan pizzas and baked goods, organic granola, homemade quiche, Argentinean  empanadas with chimichurri, savory tarts, fresh juice, and more. Also offered are organic eggs, potted herbs, sprouts, and plants, and more.

Schafer’s goal is to also have vendors that sell local organic produce: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, leafy greens, etc.

With all the recent media attention and online buzz, it likely won’t be long before she gets the vendors she wants to commit to the market. Having more variety will tempt even more people, both local and visitors, to shop at the market regularly.

If you live in this area, you won’t want to miss this wonderful community shopping option. Try the delicious foods and beverages, browse the market to talk with the venders, and enjoy the healthy goodness of local, organic produce.


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