Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu in Playa del Carmen

Like many people who move to Playa del Carmen, one of the first things I did when I got settled in was to check around for places to workout.  There are several good gyms in town for regular fitness and I found Evolve Gym to be a really good facility.  They have a good selection of machines, free weights and a variety of classes including Crossfit.

Mark Stables jiu jitsu - Carlson Gracie TeamAs a long time martial artist and former fighter, I was really hoping against hope to find a quality school for Muay Thai or jiu jitsu…   I haven’t really found any quality Muay Thai instructors in Playa del Carmen but I hit the mother-lode in terms of a quality jiu jitsu coach.


Mark Stables – Carlson Gracie Team Mexico

Mark Stables is a 2nd degree black belt of Carlson Gracie lineage who had a school in Canada for many years and moved to Playa del Carmen about 3 years ago as of this writing.

Carlson Gracie Team Mexico - Mark Stables - new gym
Getting the new gym together!

I’ve trained with many different coaches and trainers in different styles over the past 21 years…   I know a good coach just by watching them teach their students, and I knew this was a great school from the minute I sat in on a class.  I moved here from Las Vegas – the best of the best trainers are there and I admit I’m a little spoiled.  It only took a few classes to realize what a world class trainer Mark actually is.


Fitness (jiu jitsu) for everyone

Jiu jitsu, also known as the gentle art, is something that anybody of any age or fitness level can enjoy.  Don’t be intimidated because you think you’re too out of shape or whatever your excuse is.  We have guys and girls that go to class simply to stay in shape or lose weight.  One of the guys has lost nearly 90 pounds since he started.  It’s a sport that you can pursue to lose weight, to challenge yourself or if you want to compete, you can do that as well.  there are regular competitions here and in Cancun where you can test yourself against others of your age, weight and skill level.

Carlson Gracie Team Mexico - Mark StablesNow, if you’re looking to fight – either jiu jitsu or MMA – this is the best place in Playa to get ready for the ring or cage.  Mark has coached multiple UFC veterans and jiu jitsu champions.  There is some incredible talent on this team as well, including a Mexican National Champion.

The one thing that really stands out about the people that train here is the lack of egos…   everyone is willing to help out and nobody is trying to bully around the newbies.  It’s a very welcoming atmosphere that sees a lot of people from around the world drop in and train while they are on vacation…   it’s the Caribbean, after all so I suppose a laid back training environment isn’t a complete surprise, right?  Lol…


Stop in and check us out…

If you’re new to town and looking for a place to train or even just on vacation, stop in and say hi.  Get your fitness on point and learn from one of the best in the world…

Not to mention that jiu jitsu is one of the best martial arts that you can learn for self defense, so there is a practical side to this as well, even if you don’t want to compete or fight.  

Either way, stop in and introduce yourself – you are more than welcome!  🙂

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