Best places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not believe it, try visiting one of these places in Playa del Carmen! Our very own Social Media Manager at American Development has gone to them and can certify they are all amazing. Take a look!

Our top 5 breakfast places in Playa del Carmen

5. Ah Cacao

If you are looking for delicious chocolate, you are in the right place. Ah Cacao is a local, eco-friendly café, with 4 locations in Downtown Playa del Carmen. They serve nice pastries, tasty tamales, pastel de elote (corn cake) and Oaxacan spiced chocolates and coffee.

Apart from that, Ah Cacao also sells Mayan coffee beans and chocolate for you to prepare at home. Available online, in supermarkets and on location.

Ah Cacao - best places for breakfast in Playa del Carmen

Facebook: Ah Cacao
Opening hours: 07:15 – 23:00 (may vary with location)
Delivery options: Playita Express (Whatsapp 984 157 0835) and Rappi.

4. Chez Céline

This French Pastry Shop in the Quinta Avenida is Famous among locals for its delicious pastries and coffees. One of their star products are their almond croissants filled with chocolate, a true experience. Their bechamel croissants are also incredible. Last, their coffee is also known for being fantastic.

Chez Celine - Best places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen

Facebook: Chez Celine.
Opens: Mon-Sun, 7:30 – 22:30.
Delivery option: Yes, through Rappi.

3. Evass: A Culinary Sin

Evass is the place to go for Mexican signature cuisine in Playa del Carmen. In fact, they are one of the best places in town. In terms of breakfast, they are famous for their Chilaquiles and their Chiles de Nogada. If you are looking for a vegetarian dish, their Watermelon Salad is a delicious choice. Excellent coffee. Delicious pastry.

Who would have thought they had an art gallery in the second floor! And good music! Evass is a multi-sensorial journey.

Evass - Best places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen

Facebook: Evass Restaurante
Opens: Sun-Thu 08:30 – 17:00; Fri-Sat 08:30 – 21:00
Delivery option: Yes, through Deli to Go.

2. La Cueva del Chango

La Cueva del Chango is a restaurant like no other: in the center of Downtown Playa del Carmen, this place is disposed as if it was in the middle of the jungle (that gives it the name of The Monkey’s Cave). The space itself is a giant palapa surrounded by large trees and vegetation. Around the whole area there are small wooden tables that blend in with the view.

La Cueva del Chango offers amazing food for all meals in the day, but their breakfasts are particularly good: their organic juices are tasty and energizing, and their eggs are wonderful in all formats: huevos motuleños, rancheros, revueltos etc. Try chilaquiles!

La Cueva del Chango - Best Places to Have Breakfast In Playa del Carmen

Facebook: La Cueva del Chango.
Opens: Mon-Sun 08:00 – 22:30.
Delivery option: Not known.

1. Lara&Luca

How does Lara&Luca manage to have an average review of 5 out of 5 (perfect score) from 600 reviews? My guess: incredible dishes, great great service, and a very nice atmosphere. Among our top 5 best places, this is the top 1 by acclamation.

I will not be the one limiting your possibilities to taste all its menu. But I did not even imagine a croque monsieur sandwich could be that delicious.

Pan con Aguacate - Lara y Luca - Best Places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen

Facebook: Lara&Luca
Opening hours: 7:30 – 20:00
Delivery option: Yes, through Whatsapp (984 176 3305).


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