American Realty in Playa del Carmen Announces Move Assistance

More Americans have made the move to Mexico than to any other country on earth.  Now for the first time, there is a program dedicated to making that move as seamless as possible.   As the Baby Boomer generation retires, they are looking to enjoy life more.

For them, the next 30 years or so is about quality of life, not the quantity of things. 


Mexico On My Mind

American Realty, the most respected Real Estate name in the Rivera Maya, has recently joined forces with the experts at Mexico On My Mind, who provide a program that allows Americans access to a wealth of information on how to make the move to Mexico much easier and much less stressful.

A Mexico On My Mindcomplete “Moving to Mexico” guide is provided free of charge on their website ( Mexico on My Mind ), and it covers everything from how to get your mail, insurance, bringing pets, to what forms you need to fill out to save you time.  Most importantly, it tells you how you can use special laws that were crafted with the NAFTA agreement to allow you to move down your treasures avoiding the paperwork and tax pitfalls that can plague those who do not have clear direction.

Their website alone provides a wealth of valuable information, but if you want a little bit more personal touch, the pros at Mexico On My Mind have a personalized Ex-Pat Plan available as well, to help you with your unique situation.

I used them personally when I made the move to Mexico almost one year ago and their assistance was invaluable.

Any questions about what they can do to simplify your move, just contact Ron and tell him Steve sent ya…


Your money goes much further here

Move to Mexico - beach sunriseMore enjoyment means two things to this generation: Downsizing and improving the quality of their life.  Many are finding that the big home that they needed when the kids were home is no longer necessary.

Many of our clients are finding that the house they have been paying on for 20 or 30 years is a great source of equity.  But every year things get more and more expensive, so why not take that equity and move to a place where your dollar goes further.  The Rivera Maya is now the number one Caribbean destination for Americans, and a buck goes a lot further down here.

How much further? 

We have seen people who liquidated a house in the States, came down here and picked up a townhome for $100,000, set up an annuity and when combined with their social security and pension bring in $2500 / month, and live a lifestyle that they could only dream of in the US.  A maid that cleans your house 3 times a week, Spanish Lessons in the morning and Salsa Lessons in the afternoon, a personal tailor to make your clothes….   the possibilities are endless.

One client of ours even met his new wife at his Salsa Class!


1 million Americans can’t be wrong

Over 1 million Americans now call Mexico home.  A few million more own property here and come a few times a year.  Mexico has long been the number one destination for Americans, and now the Riviera Maya has taken that top spot as the number one Caribbean destination for Americans.

With these new strategic alignments, American Realty is again exceeding expectations becoming yet again the go to real estate source for the Riviera Maya.

For more information on the free move guide just contact Steve at


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