Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Homes in Playa del Carmen

Environmentally friendly in Playa del Carmen


Environmentally friendly living on a beautiful Caribbean Beach?

Have you wanted to escape from the rest of the world and all of your stresses to your own little piece of paradise?

It’s possible….  You can have everything you have dreamed of in Playa del Carmen.

The beautiful beaches, of course, are free, and with Playa del Carmen’s tropical climate, you can swim all year. You can also snorkel, para-sail, scuba-dive, or go fishing, sailing, or water-skiing.  Of course, Playa del Carmen is a great place to live, but perhaps you have more concerns than just enjoying a breathtaking ocean steps away.


Environmentally Friendly

For many people, helping the environment is important and the environment needs our help. Especially in developing countries like Mexico where there are few enforced regulations regarding pollution and environmental preservation.  But not all companies here have a disregard for our planet…  You can find condos in Playa del Carmen as well as homes that are well-built, beautiful, affordable and more importantly, environmentally friendly.

The developer of the Caribbean Living project in Playa del Carmen is one of those unique companies in Mexico that stands out from the rest in terms of protecting and preserving the delicate rainforest ecosystem of the region.


Energy efficient homes

The homes are built with smart options. That means you will be able to save money on energy, including electricity and you will be doing something good for the environment. By using less energy in your home, you will be using up fewer fossil fuels for the creation of that energy.


Wildlife preservation

Wildlife preservation in constructionRight on the property, you can take part in something unique and special. There is a turtle sanctuary (Tortugaria) right on-site – you can help ensure these species are re-homed and not victims of the construction. Just imagine how fulfilled you will feel knowing you did something so good for creatures that cannot defend themselves.  In addition to the animal preservation efforts, they also to replant the trees torn down in the common areas.


Solar powered common areas

The common areas located throughout Caribbean Living and accessible from this beautiful real estate in Playa del Carmen are equipped with solar power. That means you can enjoy activities like fitness centers, picnic areas and much more knowing that no fossil fuels are being burned to light and power those common areas.


Green construction

Finally, the condos in Playa del Carmen and the homes as well have all been built through green construction methods. Waste has been reduced and environmentally friendly materials are used whenever possible. This lowers our carbon footprint as well as yours.


Sea turtle - AkumalCaribbean Living is a real estate development unlike any other in the Caribbean.  Companies like this are leading the way, even though not required by law and that is one of the many reasons that American Realty aligned themselves with this project.  Preserving the environment should be paramount and it’s refreshing to see a company that puts principles above profit.

Contact us at American Realty for more information about this project and how you can support the local environment when purchasing real estate in Playa del Carmen.



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