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WHAT Is Xaman Ha?


Xaman Ha is a road that circles around the interior of Playacar, in Playa Del Carmen. Its Mayan name means ‘waters of the north’, which is fairly intuitive given that it is only a short walk down a jungle path to Playacar Phase I and the lovely ocean it lays on.



xaman ha condos for sale



Avenida (avenue) Xaman Ha is an extremely popular address for Playa Del Carmen residents–hence the Xaman Ha condos for sale, both foreign and national. Being inside the safe gates of Playacar makes it prime real estate, especially for foreigners looking for a high-end lifestyle.


WHERE is Xaman Ha?


Xaman Ha is the primary street of Playacar Phase II in Playa Del Carmen. Xaman ha is essentially a giant circle (well, circle-ish) that goes around the entire interior of Playacar. On the south-eastern side of the street is a long strip of all-inclusive hotels, and then along the north-western end are some of Playa Del Carmen’s—and Playacar’s!—best homes and condos. For a list of Xaman Ha condos for sale contact us today.


WHICH Condos are Available in Xaman Ha?


Despite Playacar’s constrained physical barriers (it’s got nowhere left to grow!) the condo developments abound and are still growing. With small and medium-sized swaths of land still up for sale Playacar’s landscape is still changing. Growth has slowed though with the development of Playacar’s most recent condos like Vaiven, Anemona, and the Azul—making the existing condos hot commodities.  For a list of condos for sale in Playacar and Avenida Xaman Ha condos for sale navigate over to our listings page—or navigate to our ‘community pages’ and then ‘Playacar’


What all this growth means for you is that Playacar is a great place to invest in—especially at the moment. With momentous growth in developments that is paced to slow down (as available land is usurped) condo values are expected to be steadily on the rise over the next decade.


Xaman Ha Condo Opportunities?


Don’t miss your opportunity to snatch up your piece of paradise in Playacar and Avenida Xaman Ha condos for sale—contact us today for a list of the hottest properties to add to your investment portfolio.


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