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Who We Are: Trustworthy Sellers of Homes for Sale in Playa Del Carmen


American Development is a Playa Del Carmen real estate brokerage that has been focused on finding Americans and Canadians homes for sale in Playa Del Carmen since 2005 (so this isn’t our first rodeo!).


Our biggest job as NAFTA experts is not finding homes for sale in Playa Del Carmen though—it’s navigating the difficult world of the Mexican real estate transaction, cross-border (full) ownership and taxation.


And that’s exactly what we’re good at—and we stake our reputation on it.


Our reputation is the most solid in the city, and we’ve worked extremely hard protecting that reputation. You won’t find any negative comments about us on Google, as we’re an honest company that looks out for our gringo clients’ best interest. In fact, we regularly pass up on lucrative opportunities for ourselves by refusing to sell sub-par quality development projects…no matter how high the commissions. We also refuse to involve our clients in under-funded projects (which is, unfortunately, a pervasive problem here), which may end up lying half-built and dormant for years.


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Why Use American Development When Buying Homes for Sale in Playa Del Carmen


The simple reason to choose us to represent your best interests is trust. But since that is more vague than a fortune cookie, here are a number of reasons to put your trust in American Development when buying condos and homes for sale in Playa Del Carmen:


  1. Over 95% of our business is selling homes for sale in Playa Del Carmen to Americans and Canadians (we love you too, Canada!).
  2. We go the extra mile to ensure that your transaction is safe, including thoroughly checking to see that new development projects have sufficient money in escrow and looking for any liens or lawsuits against the property or the sellers.
  3. We refuse to sell any subpar-quality developments, even if that means a potential client going to our competition.
  4. Our paramount service is education, because the real estate market is different here. There is no Playa Del Carmen MLS (or Mexico MLS), buying property as a foreigner is different than buying in your home country, and the industry here isn’t governed by the same sets of rules that are heavily enforced at home for consumer protection.
  5. We use the services of a legal attorney who works only with us—and not any of the developers in town. This ensures against any conflicts of interest. Our attorney is also a certified Spanish-to-English translator, and an international tax attorney with years of experience in cross-border investments.
  6. Our Broker of Record, Chris Rauton, has over a decade of success and experience in homes for sale in Playa Del Carmen—which is backed up by the economic lessons and ethics that he learned during his Post-Graduate program at the Harvard Business School (and he’s not the only Harvard graduate working in the brokerage!).


So, why do we go above and beyond with all these processes even though they aren’t required—or standard—here in Mexico?  Simply this – because we’re in it for the long haul. Making a quick buck is no way to build a business.


We not only want your business the first time—we want your repeat business, and we want your referrals. In fact, over 80% of our business is from referrals.


Our goal is to ensure reliable, portfolio-building, trustworthy transactions—to protect you from what you don’t know that you don’t know…because it can hurt you and your investment(s).  So don’t pick just any Realtor, go with the pros here at American Development.



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