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As mentioned in our first article about the Sabbia condos Playa Del Carmen, the location of these perfectly-sculpted condos are one of it’s biggest selling features (after it’s signature pool and other hotel-like amenities). And since the location is such prime real estate we thought we would tell you a little more about the location of the Sabbia—and what it means to your Playa lifestyle…



Sabbia Condos Playa Del Carmen



Sabbia Condos Playa Del Carmen: The Beaches


The beach (and your proximity to it) in Playa is obviously an important part of life. When you live at the Sabbia you have a few options when it comes to going to the beach. There is no direct beach access on 34th, but head a street or two in either direction and you’ll have immediate beach access—and Playa’s best beach clubs: Mamitas, Kool and Canibal Royal.




Sabbia condos Playa Del Carmen are close to a large chunk of the restaurants favorited by locals, including: the original Los Aguachiles seafood restaurant and El Chiltepin (both under a block away). A couple blocks away on 5th is La Bodeguita Del Medio (Cuban), Negro Amaro (Italian), Chez Celine (a favorite breakfast place), Maiz Del Mar (upscale Mexican), Almirante Pech, and the famed Argentinean steak house El Diez.


Sabbia Condos Playa Del Carmen





It’s an extremely healthy lifestyle you’re encouraged to live when you live at the Sabbia. If the on-site pool and gym aren’t enough to keep you busy, there are ample activity options within minutes of these condos.


Walking the few blocks down to the beach is a common activity amongst Sabbia residents, where they can fight the ocean current to burn off the delicious food they’ve eaten the night before. In addition to natural playgrounds, there are a number of man-made options, including dance classes and drop-in spots at the Deportivo stadium immediately across the street.


For those who like getting in shape at a large gym, there are two gym options within a few blocks radius. There is an affordable gym around the corner on 10th (with 34th—next to the OXXO), or there is an upscale gym a few blocks away on 24th (between 5th and 10th) named Evolve.


The ‘Local’ Lifestyle


When you’re living at the Sabbia condos Playa Del Carmen you’re on the trendy new end of Playa, and all the fabulous beach clubs and restaurants that brings.


Life is good.


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