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The Rinconada Del Sol Playa Del Carmen is one of the city’s older (‘old’ being a relative term for a city as young as Playa) condominium buildings, which is how it scored its prime location in the heart of the city. This building leverages Mexican-Caribbean design principles that give it its rustic charm. This rustic charm is what people love about it though, especially as many of the new developments move away from Mexican style and towards a modern look.


Rinconada Del Sol Playa Del Carmen



The Rinconada Del Sol Playa Del Carmen Location


The location is the biggest attraction for this downtown (but off the hustle and bustle of 5th avenue) condo. Located near Constituyentes and 25th avenue, it’s in the heart of the downtown (Constituyentes is literally the most central street in the city). This makes it only a 5—10 minute walk to 5th avenue and the beach—both of Playa Del Carmen’s biggest attractions.


For convenience, this condo building is located right next to the Mega Commercial (‘Mexican Wal-Mart’) and only a couple of blocks from Wal-Mart. There are also a number of Mexican-style (meaning: affordable) restaurants within a few minutes walk…for those days that you’re simply too tired from your day at the beach to cook.


The Design & Units


The design at the Rinconada Del Sol Playa Del Carmen is a little more ‘old world’ than many of the newer developments that leverage super-modern design principles. The Rinconada Del Sol units tend to be more of what you would think of for a Mexican apartment—rustic chic, as it uses traditional Caribbean and Mexican color schemes (like browns, taupes and clay). Inside the units are the dark wooden cabinetry that is extremely popular within the Mexican community, (easy-to-clean) ceramic floors and arched doorways. If you’re looking for an apartment that actually looks like it’s in Mexico and not New York—this is a great option. The balconies in the unit have enough room for a small sitting area, and many overlook the pool (balconies off the bedrooms look out over the road).


This condo building is three levels, but relatively small. The tight-knit community of residents mix well with the upscale crowd there on vacation rentals, who didn’t want the ‘all inclusive’ experience.


Rinconada Del Sol Playa Del Carmen



Are There Units Available?


While there aren’t generally throngs of units available at one time due to the popularity of the Rinconada Del Sol as a vacation-rental investment, units do come to market. To know about any existing or upcoming opportunities at this address—join our mailing list, or give us a call today.


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