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Playacar homes for sale are extremely popular with expat residents of Playa Del Carmen, and those looking to make this city their home away from home. From the perfectly-manicured brick roads to varied dining options to endless outdoor entertainment—Playacar is an excellent choice for a vacation home.



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There are two options when it comes to Playacar homes for sale: Playacar Phase I and Playacar Phase II. Phase I is significantly more expensive than the second phase due to its proximity to the beach. It’s million-dollar homes makes it out of reach for most foreigners settling in Playa Del Carmen—but is absolutely gorgeous (and has great rental income!) for those who can afford the high price tag.


Playacar Phase II has a wider variety of homes, ranging from affordable condos to Playacar homes for sale. In this second phase, the homes are dotted along Xaman Ha avenue (Phase II’s primary street that circles the entire community). There is a golf course throughout the center of Phase II—which provides a large percentage of the homes in this area with a view of the immaculately-maintained greens.


Playacar Homes for Sale: The Cost


Cost of homes for sale in Playacar varies greatly, and depends largely on their location, size and ornateness. A general rule of thumb is that the closer they are to the ocean the more expensive they will be (the ocean is accessible via walking paths to Playacar Phase I). The most affordable properties are closer to the highway.


The price tags for Playacar homes for sale can range anywhere from $160,000 USD (some apartment condos) up to a million dollars+, for the mansion-like properties. Many of the properties in Phase II are grouped into condominium complexes—even many of the homes–, which allows for organized property maintenance and common areas like pools and tennis courts.


The Look of Playacar Homes for Sale


Homes in Playacar run the gauntlet in terms of style since many of the homes were built by individuals using a wide array of developers. The most popular style by far is Spanish Colonial, with a smaller number of ultra-modern homes.



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