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When Americans and Canadians move to Playa, they generally buy a condo Playa Del Carmen. When it comes to the prime locations there are two popular destinations for expat real estate: downtown and Playacar. And the two couldn’t be more unique.


For those who want a hustling and bustling lifestyle—a condo in the downtown core is ideal. But for those looking for a laid-back lifestyle surrounded by greenery and families…then Playacar is your ticket.


Playacar is a gated community where foreigners and nationals alike find solitude—and security for their loved ones. Many of the condos wind around the picturesque golf course, and feature cobblestone roads, walking paths, chic restaurants and cafes and oh so much more.


There are a number of great options for a condo Playa Del Carmen…



Akoya Playacar


condo Playa Del Carmen akoyaThe Akoya is one of the newest developments in Playacar—and likely one of the last big ones, seeing as available Playacar land has begun to dwindle. Like many of the city’s top condos it has resort-like amenities, however the Akoya has the large grounds to support that claim.


The 28 two-bedroom units at the Akoya Playacar have a dedication to modern touches that give the Akoya its signature look. The floor-to-ceiling windows and dark-colored wood accents are just a couple of the many lovely touches that help make the Akoya a real estate hotspot.



Paseo del Sol Playacar


condo Playa Del Carmen paseo del solThe Paseo Del Sol is a truly unique Playacar real estate opportunity as it is the only resort-like condo development on the southern side of Playacar. This makes it close to the beach, the beach clubs of all the all-inclusive resorts across the street, and the amenities close to the tourists.


The Paseo Del Sol property has an extremely large pool that weaves around the complex, which is just one of the many features that make you think you’re staying in a resort. Beyond the resort-esque amenities, the Spanish colonial terracotta roof and the white walls separate Paseo Del Sol from its modern counterparts—a fact adored by its residents.



Vaiven Playacar


condo Playa Del CarmenThe Vaiven is another recently built development. It combines modern architecture with wood accents that give it you an immediate high-end impression once you step on the grounds. With a gorgeous blue-tile pool that inspires serenity, one look at this place and you’ll be ready to call it home too.


There are plenty of amenities and (over 3,000 square feet of) common areas to keep you busy—and relaxed—year round, and the units are high-quality and elegant.




Condo Playa Del Carmen–Are YOU Ready?


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