Playa del Carmen: Where Life is a Vacation

Playa vacation homes

Playa del Carmen Vacation

Playa del Carmen – a land with history

In the ancient world, in a time wholly different from ours, there arose a civilization whose legacy would resonate through the centuries and into modern times. At the very heart of their world lay paradise upon Earth, known to them as Xaman Ha – Water of the North. Today, we know it as Playa del Carmen, the fastest growing city in all of Latin America.

Tulum VacationCarved out of the jungle along one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet, this ancient Mayan city has exploded into a modern metropolis and somehow, it has managed to retain its unique identity while incorporating a mix of world cultures seamlessly. Playa del Carmen is a thriving cauldron of Mayan, Mexican, Caribbean, European and North American traditions that combine to lend the city a permanent vacation feel.


Playa del Carmen today

The Riviera Maya, as it is also known, has recently transformed itself, through new zoning laws, quality infrastructure, and extremely affordable real estate. The fact that it is a mere 45 minute drive away from the Cancun International Airport, combined with the reasonable prices of Playa del Carmen real estate, makes the city the perfect location for you to begin your life anew, buy a second home, or to retire.

Playa vacation homesLife here in Playa del Carmen can begin to seem like a lifelong vacation once you decide to invest in Playa del Carmen homes for sale and settle in. The beaches are incredible, with plenty of resorts, beach clubs and more, and they attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The nightlife, the music and the entertainment are simply breathtaking, and the food is so delicious that you could lick your fingers off your hands. Not only is the food entirely delectable, it is also available in a befuddling variety – a range of choices that would have you indulging in a different meal for every day of the year.


Playa del Carmen – Living the Vacation

If you wish to partake of the eternal vacation, and how could you not, head down to Riviera Maya and start looking for Playa del Carmen homes for sale. This is where American Realty can step in and help you to discover the property you desire and deserve to live in. We believe in trust and long term relationships with our clients, above all else.

Palaya del Carmen snorkelingTherefore, the first step that we take will be to prove ourselves to you, through our track record, our recommendations and awards, and through excellence in service. Once we have gained your trust, we will find the most suitable Playa del Carmen homes for sale, homes that are simply perfect for you. The location will be superb, the amenities will include everything you could ever desire, and property will be 100% free and clear.


The reasons you choose to invest in Playa del Carmen real estate could be many and varied. Regardless of what they are, opt for American Realty as your broker and you can rest assured that your investment will result in a permanent vacation for you.