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The Nick Price Residences Playa Del Carmen are the living quarters of Playa’s upper echelons of society, both foreigner and nationals like. These ultra-modern condos are located outside the raucous of Playa, nestled in a super-quiet gated community.


Not only are the condos stunning in their own right, the common areas look like something out of a lifestyles of the rich and famous magazine—and the beach club and golf course provide for an entertainment-rich lifestyle.


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The Nick Price Residences Playa Del Carmen Condos


These 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom condos leverage ultra-modern design principles that focus on clean lines and modular convenience. The kitchens feature light or dark acrylic cabinetry and high-quality stainless steel sink and artistic range.


The units at the Nick Price Residences Playa Del Carmen vary in design depending on their location, as there are three different condo buildings within the development, one beachfront and two golf course-adjacent. The two exclusive golf course-adjacent condos share much in common, but one has the distinction of being given the Lorena Ochoa Signature.


The Location


These residences are located off the highway, about 10 minutes outside of Playa del Carmen. They can be found on the same road that takes you to the Royal Haciendas and Sandos Caracol resort properties. Being located outside of the city limits has given them ample land, privacy simply not found in Playa, and of course hard-to-acquire beachfront property.


 Nick Price Residences Playa Del Carmen



The Amenities


Life at the Nick Price Residences Playa Del Carmen is good. With seemingly endless lounge areas, a golf club, a beach club, an activity center (with diving, paddle boarding and kite surfing) and gym—there is never a shortage of entertainment. The gym is a state-of-the-art cardio center complete with weight machines, free weights and flat-screen TVs.


But the amenities at the Nick Price Residences don’t stop at entertainment—this community is designed to offer everything your heart desires, which is why there is also available maid service and a 24-hour concierge. There is also ample round-the-clock security.


Every detail was well planned out when they designed this development, including the rooftop patios. One of which has a rooftop infinity pool that offers stunning views of the ocean and jungle…and of course the hard-to-see Playa sunset (hard to see as the sun sets on the land side of the city).


If you’re interested in the type of lifestyle that living at the Nick Price Residences affords you, contact us for details. If one of the 123 condos are currently available or upcoming—we’d love to make your real estate dreams come true.


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