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Medical Tourism in Mexico

As health care expenses continue to rise by staggering amounts in the United States, a growing number of citizens are looking internationally to discover quality medical services for more sensible costs. Due to potential cost savings of up to 60% to 70% on medical treatments performed abroad, Americans have begun to merge dental work, cosmetic procedures, or specialized surgeries with holiday time plus in a number of cases with enough of cash left over to bring the entire family.

Again the Riviera Maya is at the forefront of this new venture a respite from the astronomical US health care costs and prescription medical expenses that have been rising since the 1960’s.  Today medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar international industry. In recent years Mexico has realized the capability in the market they pose to US citizens looking for medical services abroad. The combination of Mexico’s rich civilization, mild climate, idyllic beaches along its highly regarded hospitals also medical professionals, as well its proximity to the US, has appealing to numerous Americans in search of medical services.

The advantages of medical tourism are, not to understate, eye-catching. Price alone has been a sufficient motivating aspect for most. In accordance to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 12 trillion dollars has been spent by US people for the previous 7 years on just health care, however in contrast with additional states anywhere services are a great deal less expensive the NCHC reports that Americans do not have a higher satisfaction rating or feel that they receive superior service than before these astronomical increases began.

Quality has been the foremost concern while getting medical attention abroad. Various hospitals in Mexico boast global accreditations and furthermore it has become customary that medical professionals and specialists study  abroad outside of Mexico in either Europe or other parts of Noreth America. Also, insurance agencies are starting to consider medical tourism as well, lured with the appraised value of attention provided overseas, and some organizations have begun identifying explicit international hospitals and clinics as permitted and approved providers.

Staying Healthy in México

Health has been a number 1 priority in individuals relocating to Mexico. The Riviera Maya particularly for foreigners typically have to go through a cycle of physical adjustment in Mexico, seeing as general standards of sanitation frequently leave much to be preferred, and plus due to the reality that here there are various kinds of bacteria’s that your body will be introduced to and will have to develop  immunity to. In order to be fully up to date and on top of the best health methods, hospitals, and medical professionals in Mexico, the MedToGo book is the perfect handbook.

Healthy Options

Riviera Maya offers numerous parks plus a few close by get-away choices for weekends, among the beach or spas and natural springs. There are as well many quality sports clubs and fitness centers in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Costs differ however are normally on the higher side. Talk a physician before undertaking a fitness routine.


While Mexico has extremely useful physicians and doctors they charge significantly less than US or European doctors. An appointment can cost as little as $30 to $50 USD. Clinics operate under exceptional conditions in all major towns, and particularly in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Still ultimately the well-being and safety of your family relies on good medical and health insurance.

Health and Medical Care

When it comes to health care and medical in Mexico, lots of expatriates have their fears and their doubts. Coming from international locations with some of the finest hospitals and health care in the world, mostly unfamiliar expatriates with what to expect in Mexico. The reality of the subject is that there is no need to press the panic button. In truth Mexico has a number of incredibly well operated hospitals with excellent care, and additionally at significantly lower cost. Take a peek in our insurance segment for additional information.

National Coverage

There is a way for non-Mexicans to enter into the national health care system in Mexico, very inexpensively, when they are full time residents.  IMSS, the Mexican National health care system, provides services including a trip to the doctors clinic, hospital expenses (covering minor sickness and injuries) as well intensive care facilities for a mere $225 / year.  Feel free to contact us for more information.


Yes the pharmacies in Mexico carry the same drugs, in their same potency, as pharmacies in the US.  All at a price that is much more accessible.   To those of us who live here, we don’t question why things are like they are, only that they are and we enjoy the benefits.


In terms of hospitals, the Riviera Maya has been one of the most important expansions of locations in Mexico, with an progression over the last few years.  State of the art equipment anchor some of the most capable hospitals in the area.