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The Magia Playa Del Carmen is an upscale condo in downtown Playa Del Carmen—that looks like it just stepped off the cover of ‘Upscale Living Quarterly’. The name ‘Magic’ is truly fitting. This super-posh condo located on 1st avenue and 16th street has outdoor amenities that rival the famous Mamitas beach club (which is a quick hop down the street)


With stunning digs and one of the city’s best locations, these condo units sold quickly, with the majority of units turned into a condo hotel—making for-sale units unfortunately rare.


 magia playa del carmen



 The Location


This condo building is located right in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, nestled between the beach and 5th avenue. Within a minute’s walk to each, your days can be spent lounging on the beach and fine dining in 5th avenue’s best restaurants. Right around the corner from this condo is The Gym, and there are tranquil beach clubs nearby, should you tire of lazing around the beautiful pools and loungers at the Magia condo Playa Del Carmen.


Magia Playa Del Carmen: The Amenities


One look at the amenities at the Magia Playa Del Carmen and you’ll realize why the majority of the condos are used as vacation rentals: because it is heaven on earth (and heaven on 5th!). The unique styling of this 1-acre property give it a unique feel, with the two large pools being separated by a lounging area and bar. All around the pools are modern outdoor furniture designed for comfortable (yet stylish) lounging. The bar in the middle makes this a functional entertainment space even after sundown, as does the ample seating and tables. The wild greenery at the edges of the property gives it a surprisingly private and outdoorsy feel, for a condo in the heart of the downtown.


For added convenience there is wifi throughout the complex.


The Units at the Magia Condo Playa Del Carmen


The condo units at this address are truly stunning. Many of them have views of the beach and ocean (some of which are ocean-adjacent views), from sun-drenched rooms thanks to the oversized windows and sliding glass doors. Many of the larger condos have private areas within the condos that can be closed off—making them perfect for multi-couple vacation rentals.


The penthouse units have private rooftop patios with beautiful views and added BBQ and lounging space.


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