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Home Influencing Factors for 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Living in Playa Del Carmen: Atlantic Hurricane Season Influences

The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University today released its initial outlook for the 2013 Atlantic basin hurricane season–which will have an effect on living in Playa Del Carmen, in the form of hurricanes and tropical storms. For its December forecast only, the team relies on probabilities of key factors influencing the hurricane season rather than issuing a numerical forecast for the number of storms in this initial outlook. For future years please check their website for more information.



The team will release the first forecast with predictions for the number of named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes expected for the Atlantic basin on April 10.

“We have been in an active era for Atlantic basin tropical cyclones since 1995, and we expect positive Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO) and strong thermohaline circulation (THC) conditions will continue,” said Phil Klotzbach, lead author of the forecast. “One of the big challenges for 2013 is whether or not El Nino will develop for the 2013 hurricane season. Since El Nino never fully developed in 2012, and we have since returned to neutral conditions, there is the possibility that an El Nino event will develop next year.”

Always keep the hurricane season in mind when living in Playa Del Carmen–so as to ensure to keep yourself prepared.