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The bureaucracy in Mexico can be daunting, to say the least.  Knowing where responsibilities lie can be nearly   impossible to the uninitiated, thanks to the many Government Agencies and their tendency to overlap.    Since our team is made up of Mexican Nationals, who have lived in this area sometimes their entire life, we know how to navigate the bureaucracy.

Like any successful project, we start with the end in mind.  We can quickly surmise what is possible on a property and our services include:

Indentifying the perfect property for your needs

  • American Development Company can use its extensive network and market knowledge to identify the perfect property for your development.  For non-Mexicans we make sure that the property can be transferred to a non-Mexican entity free and clear.

Due Diligence

Every successful project starts with the correct due diligence.  Understanding the ultimate goals of the client, and matching that with the capabilities of both the market and the property in question are vital.  Our legal team knows the laws of Mexico, and how they apply to you as a non-Mexican.

Property Acquisition

Anyone that says they know all the answers without hearing your particular circumstances simply does not understand all the options available.  This includes the formation of the vehicle to acquire the property, the formation of fiscal strategies that think well ahead, acquisition of title insurance and the closing on the property.

Feasibility Study

What can be done on a property is one of, if not the, most important deciding factor to acquire or not.  We have found that this stage of the process is the single most important one that leads to the ultimate success of a project

  • What can be built.
  • What is the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.
  • What is the market value of what can be built.
  • Based on current (and future) market conditions, what is a reasonable time table for sales.
  • No one can plan without knowing what things are going to reliably cost.  We know the local market and can give real quotes for what things cost here.


“Plan your work and work your plan”, the old adage goes.  We firmly believe in this philosophy and know through experience that projects that end on time and on budget, are ones that are planned well.

  • With our in-house Architects, Engineers & qualified personnel, ADC can take care of the planning & Executive portions of the project necessary for permitting.  Thanks to our strategic alliances with Internationally recognized architects in different parts of the country, we can help with any design requirements.  We have taken on entire projects, or only the portions required by our clients.  This includes design, architectural, electrical, plumbing, structural & sanitary plans.
  • Construction Documents including full engineering plans.
  • Local sourcing of materials.  Love that white marble from Italy? Did you know that there is one that exists here in Mexico, that looks exactly the same, for ¼ the price?  Most people don’t, but we know how to get a great finished product at a great price.

Logistics and Importation

Many things you can get in Mexico, but some things you simply cannot.  We are registered importers and have navigated the process of bringing in things to Mexico from all over the world.


All projects in Mexico must have a permit before construction can begin.  We are experts in this process including:

  • Location of infrastructure and estimates to bring to said property.
  • Project conceptualization
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction licensing and permitting.

Environmental Licensing

Mexico is new to the world of Environmental Standards.  Sometimes the officials designated to enforce newly created laws and policies are confused by the process.  For someone new to the area, the learning curve is vast, to say the least.  We have strategic alliances with the most important, most successful Biologists and Environmental Specialists in the area, with approximately 7,000 hotels rooms certified and built.

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Permits


  • Roads, electricity, water lines, & sanitation are all necessary for any project, but all of them have different departments responsible for obtaining their permits.  Once this is done, the lay of the land is the next obstacle.  What kind of road is best suited to the terrain?

Market Analysis / Know-how

  • With our in house team of experts, and strategic alliances, no one has a better grasp of the market.


Once the project is permitted, it has to be built.  We have built some of the most impressive properties in the Riviera Maya and have a long list of satisfied clients as a General Contractor.  For more information on this portion, please see the “Construction” section.

Sales & Marketing

Everything leads up to the Sales & Marketing.  This final step, the process of telling the story to the world, is the principal upon which we were founded.  For more information on this portion, please see our “Real Estate” section


We have a network of the best specialists in their respective areas in all of Mexico, and a track record to back it up.  That, along with our in house expertise allows us to offer solutions that make projects work.