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Dangelos Playa Del Carmen (also known as D’Angelos Playa Del Carmen) is a condo hotel right on 5th avenue in the heart of ‘new Playa’. From its unsurpassable location right on 5th to the modern architecture, the Dangelos condos are a true real estate gem.

Dangelos Playa Del Carmen

Unfortunate for homebuyers in the area, these condos currently function solely as condo hotel, and are only available for rental at the moment. If you’re interested in this location and the style of these condos—never fear, we have similar properties available that will blow your socks off (it’s eternal flip flop season after all!).


Dangelos Playa Del Carmen: The Suites

The studio, 1- and 2-bedroom suites at the D’Angelo have a modular architecture that gives them a modern, designer appearance. They are spacious and decorated in a strong white color—which makes them look even more spacious than they already are.

The suites have large balconies off the main room, with more than enough space for a large dining table and chairs, which encourages you to enjoy the outdoor space.


The Location

Life at D’Angelos is all about the location, location, location. One of the few condos located directly on 5th makes this the perfect home away from home. Nestled between 34th and 38th, on a purely pedestrian street these condos are on the new/local end of Playa. Nearby are some of the city’s top restaurants, including La Cueva Del Chango, Chez Celine, Negro Amaro, El Diez, Almirante Pech, Kool Fish, and more.

Just around the corner and down the jungle walk is Playa’s Shangrila beach, which is a nice getaway from the busyness of the beach further down at Mamitas, and in the downtown core.


The Amenities at the D’Angelo Playa Del Carmen

Not that you need many amenities at this condo—seeing as its right on 5th and only a couple minutes walk from the beach—but there is a beautiful common area with a pool and chaise loungers. In the foyer is a large sunken lounge area that is perfect for getting out the sun while reading a good book. On the upper level there is a sun deck, complete with lie-down chaises.

Night owls will love this building, as the pool looks exceptional at night as it is perfectly highlighted with modern blue lighting.




As we said—unfortunately for homebuyers in the area the D’Angelos Playa Del Carmen  units are solely being used as rental properties for the condo hotel…but, we do have another couple of properties similar to this one. Just ask us for details.