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Condos for Sale Playa Del Carmen From $80K

Condos for sale Playa Del Carmen run proverbial the gauntlet. There are a few million-dollar babies, but then there’s some that will help you stretch a dollar much further.

Many people are surprised that there are condos for sale in Playa Del Carmen that start at just $80K! And they’re not timeshare, nor fractional ownership. These are fully-titled properties available for foreign ownership…and are an opportunity absolutely worth looking into. 


What Condos for Sale from $80K Means to YOU

This low-entry price point means that the average, hard-working American (and Canadian!) can own a little piece of paradise.

Buying condos for sale Playa Del Carmen from American Development means that you can begin…

  1. A Lifestyle

Life in Playa is good. You can spend your days poolside at home (or home away from home), having an adventure in one of the many eco parks, diving on the barrier reef or simply relaxing on the beach with that book you’ve been meaning to read for years. The best part is—while you relax on the beach,  your condo will be cared for by the maintenance teams employed from your low condo fees!

  1. Investment portfolio

Buying condos in Playa Del Carmen can begin—or diversify—your real estate investment portfolio. Not only can you purchase a vacation home with excellent potential rental income…many of our clients purchase more than one! Buying a second investment property helps them to take further advantage of rental income.

  1. Invest safely

Investing in property in Mexico is a more complex system than buying property at home. It can be done safely, but you need the right representation on your side. Click here to find out more about the dangers of buying homes and condos for sale in Playa del Carmen. 

    4.  Turn key pricing

These condos and townhomes are sold as turn key units – the list price includes everything!  By everything we mean EVERYTHING.  Closing costs, setting up the trust, attorney’s fees and most importantly, custom kitchens, bathrooms, closets, high efficiency AC units, all furnishings…   everything down to the towels and silverware.  Turn key and ready to move in or rent out.

And, all of this is custom work – with the help of our professional interior designers, you choose your own kitchens, your own bathrooms and interior design.  Cabinets, counters, interior paint and furnishings are included in this package.  (There are limitations of course….  you can pick and choose within the packages and substitute items of equal or lesser value.  If you want solid gold toilets or something else way over budget, that’s not included – you gotta pay extra.  Don’t worry, we’ll go over in detail with you what is included.  And it’s good stuff.   😉  )


About the Condos in Playa

Here at American Development we sell a wide range of condos to suit everyone’s budget and taste. Whether you’ve got money to burn, or short arms and deep pockets—we’ve got something for you.

Our super-affordable condos are new, high-quality developments in master-planned communities and cost well under $100K. These 2-bedroom condos offer primarily townhouse-style layouts, with well-manicured yards and large community pools.

Even more important than the price point alone—all the developments we sell are built to American standards of construction, and have varying floor plans to suit your taste.


Is There Still Time?

Don’t waste time on this opportunity—as these developments are selling fast due to the high-quality construction and low price point. Unfortunately this price point is only available due to the plots of land being purchased over a decade ago for next to nothing. Trust us—this won’t happen again. Not without a time machine at least (if you have one—we have another real estate opportunity for you!).

So—hop on this opportunity before it is gone. Email us, use the live chat below or give us a call today to reserve your piece of paradise—because with today’s land prices we won’t be seeing more condos for sale Playa Del Carmen at today’s prices!


Models – Condos for sale Playa del Carmen suburbs


Baja 1 – $80,000  USD

  •      1 Level – 2 Bedrooms – 1 Bathroom
  •      Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  •      Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space Ground Floor with Garden Area
  •      487.61ft²

 Baja II – $95,000  USD

  • 1 Level – 2 Bedrooms – 1 Bathroom
  •      Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  •      Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space
  •      Ground Floor with Garden Area
  •      578.67ft



Tropical – $105,000  USD  SOLD OUT!!!

  • 2 Levels – 2 Bedrooms – 1 1/2 Bathrooms
  •      Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  •      Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space
  •      Backyard Garden Area –
  •      704.28ft²

Paradise – $130,000  USD

  • 2 Levels  – 2 Bedrooms – 3 Bathrooms
  • Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  • Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space
  • Size 929.03ft²

Palms – $150,000  USD

  • 2 Levels – 3 Bedrooms – 3 Bathrooms
  • Living Room – Kitchen -Dining Room
  • Laundry Area – 1 Parking Space
  • Front Porch with Garden
  • Size 982.21ft²

Serenity – $199,000  USD –  SOLD OUT”

  • 2 Levels – 3 Bedrooms –  2 ½ Bathrooms
  • Living Room – Kitchen – Dining Room
  • Laundry Area – 2 Parking Spaces
  • Backyard Garden Area
  • Includes Everything except fridge and microwave
  • Size 1496.2ft²

Click for for information on our new Fly and Buy Program!!  


These incredible condos for sale Playa del Carmen are going fast – this is your chance to secure your place in paradise before prices skyrocket and you pay deep into six figures for these same units.  Located in the new suburbs of Playa del Carmen and only 2.5 miles from the most scenic white sand beaches in the Caribbean, these offer a true lifestyle play for those who want to live or retire in the Caribbean but don’t have $250,000+ to spend on a home or condo.


If you have any questions about how real estate works in Mexico, please check out our Real Estate FAQ page or contract us directly…



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