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Living in Playa Del Carmen is an adventure—daily, if you so desire.


Of course, like anywhere else, adventure only reveals itself to those who actively look for it—which is why we here at American Development want to ensure that you know where (and when!) to look!


There are a number of avenues for adventure when living in Playa del Carmen—including: cenotes, diving (and cenote diving!), events, festivals, carnivals, restaurant premiers, tournaments, charity events and oh so much more.


To help point you in the right direction to catch all the adventure you can while living in Playa Del Carmen—we’ve come up with this great list to serve as a jumping off point. But…stay tuned to our blog for a regular play-by-play!


 Where to Find Adventure While Living in Playa Del Carmen


Adventure for Americans living in Playa Del Carmen revolves around top-notch services and amenities for all our favorite American activities—especially:




With 18 different courses available to those living in Playa Del Carmen—including one recently named as the #3 course in the country!–there is no better daytrip than hitting the tropical greens.


Whether it’s a course with beachfront holes (just imagine how much that real estate is worth!!!!) or following a course that meanders around historic Mayan ruins in the jungle—living in Playa Del Carmen always holds untold adventure at the plethora of courses in the area.




Open-water, salt-water fishing is a time-honored tradition—and an excellent way to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle while living in Playa Del Carmen. Not only is it healthy, it’s top-notch here in Playa. In fact, many of our closest friends and customers have told us that fishing in Playa is “the best salt-water fly fishing on earth, hands down!!!”.


Fishing is a varied adventure for those living in Playa Del Carmen—with its constantly changing seasons. Seasonal fish in the area include Marlin and Sail Fish…so be sure to check your calendar!


When your favorite sport fish isn’t in season there are still plenty ‘o fish biting—with year-round Mahi Mahi, Yellow Tail Snapper and Grouper.


The proximity to the Great Mayan Reef system ensures that even a novice fisherman has a great time.  The massive variety of species that exist have turned Cancun, Isla Mujeres, the Riviera Maya, the island of Holbox, and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve into some of the Caribbean’s top locations for fishing.



Snorkeling or diving with the seasonal whale sharks is one of living in Playa Del Carmen’s greatest adventures. These gentle giants that, seasonally, cruise along our coast are the biggest fish in the world. They frequent our coasts from June through September.


If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of these majestic beauties, be sure to connect with an experienced whale-shark captain—to ensure you spend your day snorkeling or diving with whale sharks, and not a boring afternoon on a boat staring at water. An experienced captain will also help you find a plethora of other sea creatures—including: Dolphins, Stingrays, Flocks of Flamingos, rays, Ibis, Pelicans, Egrets, “Chimay Birds” and oh so much more.


When Jacque Cousteau came here in the 1960’s no one had heard about the world-class diving associated with the Great Mayan Reef System. Today the secret is out about the world’s second greatest barrier reef.


For those living in Playa Del Carmen the shallow reefs along our coast offer a wide variety of fish, corals, rays and turtles—and then across the water in Cozumel there’s a more challenging terrain of deeper crevasses, rock formation and large sea life.


For the truly adventurous at heart our area also boasts of cenote and cave diving. Those who have been lucky enough to experience this unique underwater world it say it is the closest thing to planetary exploration.



Everybody dreams of doing it, but here you can make that dream become a reality. Just imagine jumping out of a small plane at 10,000 feet, and freefalling to a tropical Caribbean paradise.  There may be better views somewhere on earth as you free fall, but we certainly can’t think of one.


For those visiting or living in Playa Del Carmen the guys at Skydive Playa are the best in town, and use ram-air canopies with a rectangular form. They move smoothly through the air, similar to airplane wings, allowing even the most novice jumper to make a soft, stand-up landing.


The safety factor is always at the forefront of their minds—so it does not have to be at the forefront yours. Sit back and enjoy the ride…if you dare.



Many locals living in Playa Del Carmen have enjoyed taking a trip through the jungle that the Mayans could have only dreamed of.  These 4-wheeled monsters make getting there, the most thrilling part of your destination.  At the end of the day most tours end in a cool, refreshing cenote—to calm down some of that adrenaline rushing through your veins.



Now is your chance, while living in Playa Del Carmen, to board a real Pirate Ship—complete with all the bounty of adult beverages as the ‘booty’.  After boarding you’ll enjoy a charismatic ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ style pirate show, in its rightful location in—the Caribbean.


So, book your trip and set sail into the sunset to the island of Isla Mujeres, where you rescue prisoners, and then indulge on a lobster or steak dinner, on the beach at water’s edge. After dinner, board the ship again for amusing games, dancing, professional shows, and of course splurging from the always-open bar! Yarr!




This might be the biggest adventure of all while living in Playa Del Carmen.  The Riviera Maya is the most innovative of the tourist hotspots to have your Destination Wedding as well as having that dream honeymoon.


Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum and Cancun offer a wide breadth of areas and services to plan a spectacular destination wedding, honeymoon—or for those of us who took the plunge long ago…renew your vows!


Having your big event in the Riviera Maya provides ample choices for your guests, from a ceremonial-style wedding to a minimalistic to one with on-the-beach relaxed ambiance and theme weddings.


Living in Playa Del Carmen is good to say the least. For more activities, events, festivals and other adventures to ensure you remember why you fell in love with Playa in the first place—be sure to bookmark our blog!


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