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Certified Property for Sale Playa del Carmen–Are They Secure?


How can I be sure that I own the property? Will the Mexican government take my property?


These are the most common questions we are asked about our property for sale Playa Del Carmen. For years or answers of been the same “Mexico is the land of laws and by taking the correct steps within the limits of the law you are fully protected”.


This is true, but that still leaves one hole in the process. Because there is no MLS system in Mexico to ensure the legality of listings we have countless times been brought listings by, spent time and money to investigate them, only to find problems later.


Certified Property for Sale Playa Del Carmen–Experience and Legality


What we have found over the years is our market knowledge and experience is highly valued by our clients. We had many times been brought a property for sale Playa Del Carmen by client found somewhere on the Internet and checking it out, we later find that it has legal issues or simply does not exist (many websites specialize in bait and switch). On the other hand once we discover the expectations of the client often we are quickly and easily able to match those with a real existing property.


So began the process of certified properties for safer property for sale Playa Del Carmen. We go over all the listings in the area taking into account the most important metrics:


  • Location
  • Size
  • Zoning
  • Amenities
  • Construction Quality


The last one is of particular importance. Being builders in this area we are very familiar with all the building techniques, how the finishes are laid out, and most importantly the potential problems encountered in local types of construction. There are many “shortcuts” used by builders in the area that result in expensive, time-consuming headaches later for the property owner.


Taking all of these factors into account we can choose the best deals and property for sale Playa Del Carmen in the market. Our aim is simple “if we were buying for ourselves which property would we choose?”


After extensive elimination process we select our finals. Our legal team members work thoroughly vetting the property for sale Playa del Carmen and specific properties. If everything checks out a legal opinion is issued on the property is then certified as a Playa Best Deal.


Does this process cost us time and money? Of course it does, but going the extra mile for our clients allows us to give them the protection they deserve.


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