Carnival in Mexico!! Celebrations and parades in Playa del Carmen… (video)

Carnival in Mexico Playa del Carmen

What a great time….

Carnival in Mexico Playa del Carmen

Carnival celebration in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Carnival is an official Mexican holiday that starts off a 5 day celebration of the libido before the Catholic lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Who doesn’t want to celebrate libido, right?

Starting on the weekend before Lent, Carnival is celebrated exuberantly with costumes, parades, music, floats, and a lot of dancing in the streets. Carnival is equivalent to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This year, Carnival is held between February 27 to March 4, with parades and celebrations every single night.

It gets a little crazy but I was able to catch the main parade on 5th Avenue here in Playa del Carmen – so enjoy this little taste of Carnival in Mexico!!

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